How to grow a nice moustache. Types of whiskers will allow any man to choose the most suitable option for himself to emphasize his charisma up. Shape, species and styles of mustache and beard.

Since the trend towards naturalness is now in vogue, therefore the popularity of the mustache is restored - which is best emphasized by the masculinity of a young person. The fashion for men's mustaches is quite varied, just like the hairstyles, their choice is very wide, so that you can choose the kind that most closely matches you. Types of mustaches and their names.

A man with a mustache immediately brings the attention of others. Many types of mustaches have not gone out of fashion for a hundred years, and some quite the opposite were popular only at a certain time.

Most men and women do not perceive and do not like mustache. Others, they just adore and consider their wearing the most fashionable and sexy. In this question, opinions were divided into two categories.

And the mustache for a modern man is an addition to his image, has a relation to his spiritual and emotional world, and also reflects any of his preferences. Since men are very bushy, they will stand out from the crowd and pay attention to the female half of society. Such men create the impression of an independent personality with their own views that relate to his appearance. Also, the shape of the mustache can hide any disadvantages, such as an irregular bite or scars.

In some countries, wearing mustache is considered a long tradition. There were occasions when foreigners were asked the question: "Why are you without mustache? You are a man! "

Common mustache species

In our time, there is a huge number of luxurious forms of mustaches, not excluding such famous ones as "Fu Manchu", "Hollywood" and many others. It is also important to note that the greatness of the mustache can be created by any man.

So, let's take a look at what kinds of mustaches and beards are:

The shape of the beard and mustache for each male will be individual. For many, wearing mustaches is a trembling and personal affair. Even in ancient times, the Hussars spoke the following proverb: "A man without a mustache, that a woman with a mustache." Perhaps this is the case, in the whiskers there is something unusual, not counting beauty and convenience. This is only understandable to men. Well, we just have to watch the result.

Many simple young people, understanding the essence of male attractiveness, release good mustaches. That explains their new side.

There are so many magnificent and luxurious styles and shapes of mustaches, including such famous as "General Li", "Fu Manchu", Mustache "Dictator", "Hollywood" mustache, "Hero" mustache and others. Below you can see only a few options for mustache style.

At the same time, it's important to note that the greatness of the mustache is that a new style can be created every day by any masked man.... and sometimes a woman.


Thick and broad mustaches tend to completely cover the upper lip.

Narrow long mustaches, curved upright. Named after the artist Salvador Dali.

English mustache

Narrow long mustache starting from the middle of the upper lip. The area above the corners of the mouth is usually shabby.

Fu Manchu

Mustache starting over upper lip and hanging down to the lower part of the jaw. Usually grow very long. The area above the corners of the mouth is eroded, which distinguishes this style of mustache from the style of "Horseshoe" (see below)

Handslider mustache

Handslot mustache (from English - handlebar: "bicycle handle") can be both long and short. This is due to the fact that such mustaches should be thick and long with swirling up tips, which can be achieved using mustache wax.


Full mustaches, the same in width, growing up to the jaw line, are similar to the inverted horseshoe. Mustaches grow along the edges of the mouth in the form of horseshoe, sometimes called "pipes". It is not necessary to confuse this style of mustaches with the style of "Fu Manchu". In this case, the area above the corners of the mouth does not shave.

Dense mustaches growing over the lip and cheeks, stretching upwards.


Mustache, similar to the style of "Artist's Brush", but with corners, slightly reminiscent of the shape of a shade.

Artist's Brush

Dense mustaches that cover the entire width of the mouth, usually short with slightly rounded edges.


Thin, narrow, tinned mustache over the upper lip. This style can be arranged differently, as shown above.

How to grow a long moustache

The common name for the mustaches, narrow from above and wide at the bottom, resembling a pyramid. This style can also be shaped in various variants.

Dense mustache, shaved wide strip in the center above the lip.


Big, thick, hanging mustaches all over the width of the mouth. Often completely covered by the mouth.

What do we know about such a part of the male image as the mustache and what kind of mustaches are there? Fashion for wearing mustache has existed for many years. The mustaches have always been considered a sign of aristocracy, masculinity and strength. In royal times, they were worn by monarchs, nobles, officers. Later, the mustache became a self-evident element of the man's appearance. Closer to our time the fashion on the mustache disappeared, then it appeared again. And today they are considered a trend of male appearance.

The history of popularity

If you want to radically change your style, be sure to start wearing mustache. At first, you may feel a little awkward, because the new image will not just get used to it. But later, you will most likely like your new image. With mustaches you will look more determined and courageous man.

Varieties of mustaches

Mustaches have different shapes and sizes. There are many species of their species. To some extent, every man probably ever himself invented his own individual mustache style. In this article, we will tell you what are the most famous and popular types of mustache.

These elongated and sharply twisted mustaches are the name of such a famous creative personality as Salvador Dali. In order to wear this style of mustache, you need to be ready to devote a lot of time to their laying.


Often this is a lush mustache, which at first glance resembles a wrapped horse horseshoe. Mustaches should grow along the edges of the corners of the mouth and end only after reaching the jaw. This form of mustache is typical for many bikers. As well as their well-known actor such as Terry Hulk Hogan, they are all over their life.

Dense mustache, which is located just above the upper lip throughout its length, and a little twist to the top. They were very fond of wearing monarchs and nobles, hence their name. Interestingly, such Budyonov's mustaches were available.


Solid large mustaches that completely cover the upper lip. Tom Selke is pleased to wear a mustache of this style.

Fu Manchu

These mustaches are the name of the protagonist of the work of the British writer Romer Sax. Long mustache is released above the upper lip, which should not be shorter than the lower jaw line. At the same time, the hair is carefully shaved over the edges of the mouth, which is a distinctive feature of this style.


The name speaks for itself. This form of mustache strongly resembles a shade. This form is very easy to give to the mustache independently at home in front of the mirror.

The mouth should be shaved, and the mustache itself should be released from the middle of the upper lip. They should be thin and long with sharp tips. During the war in England, such mustaches were worn by the military.

Artist's Brush

Not long lush mustaches that grow along the length of the line of the mouth. With such mustaches we have seen Brad Pitt not once. This form is popular now among young people.


Narrow, thin strip of bristles above the upper lip. They were worn in the 40s and 50s of the last century, Hollywood actor Clark Gable.

Mustaches are broad at the base and narrow at the top, resembling the shape of the pyramid. Very comfortable and popular among men.


Dense small mustache, released right under the nose. Mustaches are characteristic of Hitler and Charlie Chaplin. They will fit in the event that you are interrupted by large mustaches.


Large mustaches, often closing their mouths. Such were the famous writer Mark Twain, as well as Friedrich Nietzsche and even Joseph Stalin.


Mustaches resembling a bicycle handlebars, as their tips spin up the rings. Italians call their "mustache-spaghetti". They were often worn by soldiers during the First World War.

Mustache "only there"

Small almost invisible antennae. In fact, it's just a bristle left over the upper lip. If you hate the frequent shaving procedure, this kind of muscle is just for you.

Mustache trim styles

Not all types of male mustache are listed above. But having an idea of ​​their main types, you can come up with something unique to yourself. Everything here is limited only by your own imagination. Add a pinch of creativity to your life and create a vivid memorable image with the help of a mustache.

Today mustaches and beards have become a true trend in the world of masculine fashion. Smoothly-mutilated men are not contemptible. It is believed that the young person becomes more sexy and attractive if he has a mustache or beard (or both together). But the choice of mustache and beard is a purely individual process, since the wrongly selected shape and length may have a completely opposite effect.

How to choose a mustache

The male population has always been popular and popular. They serve as an ornament and a means for a radical transformation of appearance. After all, with the help of such a part you can hide the flaws and correct the shape of the face. The hairpins of the mustache can be varied, and it is necessary to choose exactly those that will be in harmony with the appearance of the man.

When choosing the shape of the mustaches, it is necessary that they fit perfectly into the features and shape of your face. It is also important to take into account the form of the nose and the position between the chin, mouth and nose. Generally, haircuts should be made by professionals who fit individually to each client, its appearance and style.

Varieties of mustaches

Mustache shapes can be different in size and length. There is almost one hundred species different species mustache Let's look at the most popular ones:

Dali This species was named after the famous artist of Salvador Dali and is an elongated mustache that twists up. When choosing this form, you need to know that they require a lot of time to lay.

Horseshoe The name of such mustache was due to a shape similar to an inverted horse horseshoe. They grow on the edges of the corners of the mouth and end, reaching the level of the jaw.

Imperial This form was preferred by the monarchs and the nobility. The mustaches should be tight and spread over the entire length of the lips, their ends tucked up.

Chevron. Mustaches should be thick, large in size and completely cover the upper lip.

Fu Manchu The length of these mustaches should be below the level of the jaw. They are released over the upper lip and all hair, of course, except for the mustaches, is shaved.

Lampshade. The simplest and easiest form that can be done independently at home without resorting to expert help.

English Such haircuts were popular among British military men. They are long and thin, they should be released from the middle of the upper lip. The tips of the mustaches must be absolutely sharp.

Artist's Brush. The mustaches grow along the entire line of the mouth, not long, but can be quite lush. Today, such mustaches are very popular in youth circles.

Pencil In order to represent this form, it is necessary to revive the image of Johnny Depp. It is he who prefers such mustaches - thin and narrow.

Pyramidal. Mustaches are very narrow atop, where they take their origin and expand to the bottom, cover the entire length of the mouth.

Toothbrush. They start with the nose, a small width and very thick. Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler preferred such.

Walrus. They are large, dense and can completely close their mouths.

Handlbar Its mustache looks like a bicycle handlebars, as their ends are twisted up. Mustached handball among the soldiers during the First World War was popular.

Only there. The question of how to cut a mustache does not arise with this form, because in essence it is just a bristle that was left to grow up over the upper lip. Such ears adore men who do not like to shave.

Nuances of care for mustache

Haircut of a beard and mustache is a matter of professionals, since only the master can make a perfect shape suitable for the appearance and oval of the face. But there are also common rules that should be known. The sharp tips of the mustache always need to be sharpened by a sharp razor. Scissoring should be done so that the mustache becomes less lush. It is conducted strictly on the lower edge.

How to wear a moustache

Before shaving the mustache, they must be combed in different directions. After this, you can remove the extra length with scissors and comb the mustache from the center to the left and to the right to give them a shape. You can also use forceps to make shapes. They should be flat and have stable heat.

Mustache and beard should only be cut dry. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a colossal difference between what they wanted to get from haircuts and their ultimate appearance.

Tools for mustache haircuts

Haircut of a beard and mustache requires certain training, or rather, the presence of the necessary tools. In order to cut the beard and / or mustache at home, you need a trimmer, scissors, comb comb, and, of course, a mirror.

The scissors are used to align the line of the mustache and / or beard and cut off the sticking hairs. Recommended use professional tool, but its price is high enough.

The mousse trimmer is a versatile tool that can be used for haircuts, beards and even hair. For this, the trimmers are equipped with special nozzles. The price of this tool is not very high, so it is available absolutely for everyone.

How to choose a tool

In order to choose the correct trimmer for the mustache, you need to get acquainted with several principles and rules.

If the hair is very stiff, you need to choose a model with a blade, which is adjustable in length. In the presence of soft and obedient hair, this is optional.

Depending on the scope of use, you can choose wired or Today there are even models for the car that can work from the cigarette lighter.

In one set with a trimmer it is possible to immediately buy tools and accessories for care of eyebrows, hair in the area of ​​the nose and ears, etc. They are more expensive, but also equipped with all the objects for care of vegetation on the head.

The tool should lie well in hand and be comfortable.

How to trim the mustache correctly

And now - about the process itself.

You need to comb your mustaches so they lie on one solid straight line.

Using the trimmer (in a vertical position), we define the contour of the mustache.

We make the frame by holding the trimmer with the marking side to itself.

While holding the trimmer away from the marking side, we process the line of mustaches and lips, thereby giving the vegetation the desired contour.

We make the final shape, holding the tool with a blade to ourselves.

To fix the shape of the mustache, you can use special wax.
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