Mustache. Beard and mustache styles with grooming tips for men.

Becoming a beardman has never been easy, a true man knows the importance of not only growing a beard but also maintaining with proper grooming. Choosing the correct facial hair and mustache styles depend upon many factors. Mustache grooming styles.

There are many beard styles and mustache styles in the market, you just have to see which one suits your the best.

Definitely, you may like a someone’s look of mustache styles and you might want that style of yourself, but “Will it enhance your look or worsen them?”

For facial hair styles, there are many things you should take into consideration.

Face Shapes

The growth of your facial hair

Stubble Style

This style is also known as scruff. It is one of the very easy to attain facial hair styles. A person having a patchy beard can also keep this style. This style gives you a texture to your face.

To achieve this facial hair style, you need to let grow your facial hair for a week and trim it off with a good trimmer. If you wish to have a sharper look then the necklines and cheek lines should be well trimmed. Stubble or scruff style is a well kept short beard styles.


Corporate beard style is a part of short beard styles but only a man who can grow a full beard is a perfect candidate for this look. If you wish to achieve this style then you should concentrate on growing it for a couple of weeks or maximum a month to get the length of corporate style. It requires a lot of grooming in order to maintain this particular style. In order to have desirable look, you should trim cheek line and neckline.

Natural Full Beard styles

There are not many complications for a full beard style, just let your facial hair grow. Full beard style also requires some grooming to hold it together. Try to keep your beard in shape with regular trimming and shaping, as it will give you a well-groomed and finished look.

Goatee styles

Goatee styles were so popular since early 90’s and still in trend because it is loved by many men. This style is the part of circle beard styles. Going wrong with this style is like going wrong with everything. You can either keep it big and blunt or nice and sharp, both will require some serious grooming. Goatee styles might not be as popular as they were in the early 90’s but most of them still prefer to rock this amazing short beard style.

The actor Robert Downey Jr. who played Iron man has pulled this facial hair style amazingly.

What are the different types of mustaches

There is a lot to explore in goatee styles, never be afraid of doing some experiment with your facial hair styles

Van Dyke

Mostly confused with goatee styles, Vandyke style is much different from it. This style is named after a Flemish painter whose name was Anthony Van Dyke as he made this look popular. This is one of the famous facial hair styles as it includes a mustache and hair on to the chin. There are many mustache styles to keep with Van Dyke but handlebar mustache is very popular with this facial hair style.

Actor Johnny Depp, another great example who maintain this style from all the facial hair styles.

Handlebar Mustache

When we talk about mustaches, handlebar mustache has the most popular among the grooming society. The curled up mustache is known as the handlebar mustache. The handlebar mustache is loved by men as this gives a classy and royal look.

If you thought growing a beard is a tough job, I should tell you that the real challenge is maintaining and grooming it.

A “good beard” is not an accident which can happen to anyone. If you watch a man with a beard style which is well groomed and you wonder how he achieved this awesome style. A well-groomed beard has a lot of hard work behind it.

Yes, grooming a is not as easy as it seems. Almost all styles require a lot of grooming and maintenance.

Hence, we are giving you 8 beard grooming tips so you can apply them to yourself and someone needy.

Be Patient

Any styles, be it a full beard, corporate or goatee style is an outcome of great patience and self-control. In initial days, when you should control yourself for not touching your hair with any shaving gears for at least 5 weeks. This will give your facial hair the opportunity to grow evenly, the growth of your hair mostly depends on your testosterone level. After that, you can shape and trim your beard according to your face shape.

How to shape your mustache

Grooming also includes skin care.

If you keep ignoring your skin in order to maintain your style, you might be a serious candidate for infection, redness, and irritation around your neck area. Shaving takes a good amount of time if you are doing it right. It’s good if you are trying different styles and maintaining them, but this should not harm your skin. You should make sure that your pores are clean and open when you are starting to shave. For cleaning your pores use hot water and clean it well. Once the shaving is done wash your face with cold water as it will close the pores and you will be protected from any type of irritation.

Regular trimming for a good shape.

In order to achieve a well-groomed beard, you have to invest in a good trimmer. If you wish the look of a true man then you need to look a bit sharp and clean.

Many so-called beardman cut short their hair to get rid of the curls and waves but, you should not.

Cutting away the curls and waves will leave a negative impact on you as it will make your beard patchy and rough. Nobody wants to have a rough and patchy beard. Try to brush those curls and waves. It’s better than cutting them.

If your beard doesn’t go straight, just leave it as it is for a couple of weeks and be patient.

Wash It Regularly

Washing it regularly is always important, especially in the initial stages. Regular cleaning with a good cleanser can enhance the growth of your beard, in this way you can have better styles.

A regular wash is recommended to those who have dense and fuller beard.

The people having the short beard styles like mentioned below requires no specialize wash for their facial hairs.

Pyramid mustache

Always check your skin type before applying any kind of product on your face and skin. It might harm your skin because your skin type is not suitable for that product. Choose it wisely.

Regular use of a good oil

The one thing that you will require on the daily basis is regular conditioning and vitamins. If you want a healthy and amazing facial hair style you should invest in a good oil. These oils will give you the exact number of vitamins your beard needs plus it will make your hair softer and shinier and will give you a freshen smell at the same time.

Train Your Beard

This is the part where you have to train your hair. Trimming regularly will maintain the shape you have chosen but, in order to keep your hair straight, you have to comb your facial hair daily with a regular comb or a brush. Brush them to the downward direction regularly and see your curls and waves disappearing. You are the trainer of your beard, so you have to deal with your stubborn hair by yourself.

Mustache styles

Mustache style is really important when it comes to becoming a beardman. With a great beard comes a great mustache. It gives a man the look he always wished. If you wish to grow nice and unique styles without a mustache style then you might fail to achieve the look you ever wanted. To have a clean and classic mustache you should trim the area under the nose often known as philtrum. Never forgot the mustache.

Fuel Up

A healthy beard style is always kept by a healthy man. Our hair growth requires many vitamins, protein, and fats to grow well.

It’s not only about the facial hair, it is also how you treat them and yourself. Protein foods like meat, nuts, egg yolks and especially milk can give your beard the richness it always needed.
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