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That means the upper lips of gentledudes the world over will soon be obscured — to varying degrees of success — by mustaches. And you should be one of those men. How to grow a mustache.

Now, before you say “... but my mustache looks like a pizza boy’s,” let us allay your concerns with five tips from The Men’s Groomer himself, Jason Schneidman, the man who styles Rob Lowe’s handsome mane.

Above all else, you’re doing this for a good cause. Since 2003, Movember has raised more than $650 million and helped fund 1,000 breakthrough programs in 21 countries to help raise awareness for men’s health issues, prostate cancer principal among them.

Go natural. Leave the nostalgic twirly jobs and assorted handlebar arrangements to the guy working the La Marzocco.

Use beard oil. Growing whiskers is itchy business. Beard Supply Beard Oil will keep you soft, smooth and smelling like pine.

How to keep moustache

Keep it even. This goes double for you fellas that grow in patches. Use an edger (Schneidman likes Wahl Peanuts ) then follow up with scissors or nose hair trimmers.

Stop looking at it in the mirror. Seriously. Just stop. “I get asked a lot, ‘Am I gonna look ridiculous?” says Schneidman. “And I’m like, yeah, so what. That’s the point. The worse it is, the better, because it sparks conversations about men’s health issues.”

He’s right. Consider these grim stats:

• One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime

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• Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15-34

• One in four adults in the US will experience a mental health problem in a given year

• Three out of every four suicides are committed by men

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