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If you're a beard man, it takes a lot to cut that bad boy. Even under extreme circumstances, you love your facial hair. In the summer months you may daydream about being completely clean shaven, but won't make the commitment to go smooth as a baby's bottom. If you plan to keep the beard for the summer of 2017, check out these beard styles for some inspiration. Mustache beard style guide.

Check out these 2017 beard styles for summer

Light to Medium Stubble

If you want the look of a beard without worrying about it making you hotter during the summer weather, consider going with just stubble until the weather cools off. For the lightest stubble possible, trim until just a 5 o'clock shadow is left (or let a clean shave grow in for a day or two). Your stubble can cover the same area that a full beard would, but you may want to define the cheek and neck lines with a stubble trimmer. This way, you'll look styled, not careless. Stubble looks best on heart-shaped or round face shapes. Medium stubble looks best on round faces. Can't shave for a few more days? After about 10 days, you'll have heavy stubble, which will still keep you cool in the heat.

Sans Sideburns

For a full beard look while still giving your face some breathing room, shave your sideburns. You can keep the rest of your beard (mustache optional) to achieve the look of facial hair without a full commitment, or you can opt to keep most of the hair focused on your chin line. The good news is that a lot of handsome leading men (think Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman) have shown up with this look, which must mean it's a winner. This type of facial hair works best on a square face.

Sideburns Plus Mustache

If you want to ged rid of all that chin and neck hair, focus on your mustache and sideburns. Grow out a horseshoe mustache and let your sideburns get long (no, you don't want the sideburns to actually connect to the mustache, if that's even possible). This is one of the 2017 beard styles for summer that's ideal for diamond-shaped faces.

Chin Strap, Meet Soul Patch

Hate your mustache in the summer heat? Keep your upper lip cool by growing out your chin strap beard and letting it connect to a soul patch under your bottom lip. This is particularly attractive on round faces because the soul patch will draw attention to your chin, which will make your face appear more structured.

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Old School

So your chin and neck line don't get super sweaty during the summer, but you still want to leave some of your skin exposed to avoid getting overheated. Grow your beard in as much as you want, letting it connect to your sideburns (long and full will look best on a triangle-shaped face), but get rid of the mustache. You may not be as cool as you can be, but you'll at least look cool.

Insider Tip

Can't seem to find beard styles for summer 2017 you can bear during the heat? You don't have to get rid of your facial hair completely. Play around with longer sideburns, mustaches or goatees. You'll get the same look of facial hair without all the extra heat.

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Obviously, you want to look your best - and most like yourself - for the upcoming warm weather, which is why you're interested in beard styles for summer 2017. We'd like to give you some insider tips on what to wear in order to perfectly complement your hair and beard color.

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Blonde dudes - Your coloring will work especially well with darker colors (black, navy, olive). Pair slim, dark jeans with a slightly lighter colored shirt.

Brunette dudes - Whether your hair is brown or black, there's almost no color that's going to clash. To make your facial hair more prominent, though, go for a lighter or white shirt. Mixing any type of lighter neutral will make your dark hair more noticeable, but if you want to remain under the radar for the day, you'll also look great in deeper colors.

Red head dudes - Red hair looks best with practically any shade of blue so get wild. Go with an electric blue if you really want to stand out.


Your facial hair is kind of an accessory in itself, but why stop there? Amp up your look with modern male accessories. Wrap long hair in a hair band, pop a hat on your head (not a baseball hat, guys), wear glasses with thick, dark frames... The more you round out your look, the more your beard or mustache will seem to go with your unique and personalized style.

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The key to pulling off these - and any - beard styles? Put some effort into it. You need your beard to look like it's been groomed, not completely abandoned to do as it wishes. Styling products and a few extra minutes in the morning will do the trick.

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