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Facial hair has become as stylish and popular as a man’s haircut. Some men spend just as much time, if not more, styling their beards and mustaches. They are using special mustache wax, go to barbers and beard specialists, and even spend time at special styling salons aimed specifically at the man who is ready for complete style maintenance. Mustache styles. French cut mustache.

The age of the Hipster has brought with it a rise in the popularity of mustaches, goatees, and beards. What was once reviled as creepy or unkept is now appreciated and admired. Everything from the lumberjack to the handlebar mustache is back and ready to make its mark on society. For some, though, facial hair never left.

Facial hair icons include everyone from Marvel’s Tony Stark to Tom Selleck’s Magnum PI. We scoured the Internet to find the 28 best mustache styles on Pinterest in case anyone is in need of some inspiration and preparation for Movember.

The Gray Handlebar and Beard

Now, this is one example of a stylish Silver Fox. This mustache hails from an era when men were defined by their ‘stache. The ends are waxed and taper gracefully into the iconic upward curl that represents the traditional handlebar mustache. The beard itself is trimmed, so it is not overly long or bushy. This is a great duo.

Full Beard and Mustache

What we have here is one perfect example of manly facial hair. There is nothing trendy about this beard and mustache duo. The full beard is only slightly long but is trimmed and neat. His mustache is the same, but this one has no handlebars or any other type of modern styling. This is a classic facial hair combination.

Long Lumberjack

This look has become exceedingly popular in recent years. The fashion world has been courting those blessed with incredible facial hair for everything from runways to fashion spreads. This particular beard is quite impressive in its length. This is a trendier style than its contemporaries because of the long length and pointed shape of the beard itself.

The Curly Handlebar

The handlebar mustache pictured here is perfectly curled and shaped. Mustache styling wax was used to smooth out and curl the ends of the mustache. It has been trimmed and is groomed to perfection. This is the style of mustache that just calls for twirling the ends when stuck in deep thought. Some will add to the curly handlebar by growing out a beard or goatee and blend that into the mustache.

The Christian Bale Basic Mustache

Christian Bale’s classic mustache is ready to go from the boardroom to dinner. It’s professional, groomed, and classic in style. There is the beginning of a goatee and a thin layer of hair growth around the chin and neck. What makes this mustache more professional is its thickness. Rather than a bushy ‘stache, Bale’s is trim and isn’t overpowering for his face.

The Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck has one of the most envied and imitated mustaches around. If there were mustache goals, this would be it. There are articles upon articles, a Twitter account as well as Facebook groups dedicated to the glory of this man’s facial hair. It’s bushy and makes a statement, but it’s not overpowering. This is one ‘stache that knows its place.

How to trim a bushy mustache

The Captain Jack Sparrow

When Johnny Depp created Captain Jack – his rum-loving, back-talking, pirate alter ego – his facial hair became just as famous as the face it belonged to. The mustache is full, but not bushy, and turns down slightly at the ends. He has a bit of a soul patch and a goatee that adds to the overall roguish look that we’ve all come to expect from Captain Jack Sparrow.

Short for mustache

Full ‘Stache with Stubble

This look is both modern and classic all at the same time. The full mustache is both professional and sexy. To keep the look from going full lumberjack, the hair along the jawline is kept trimmed to just about low stubble. This balance makes all the difference and keeps this look from becoming too overpowering.

Man Bun and Beard

Not everyone can pull off the man bun and beard combo as well as this guy. The bun by itself can sometimes look a little too soft, but his beard saves the day and roughens up the overall look. His mustache is just full enough to make sure it’s noticed without taking too much attention away from the rest of his face.

The Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s mustache may not be as dark as it once was, but it certainly has not lost any of its oomph. Neither has the wide soul patch just below his bottom lip. This full ‘stache is such a part of the persona we’ve come to expect that Murphy without his mustache is just – not Murphy. It’s the power of the mustache.

The Mustache Light

Mustaches don’t need to be full and bushy to be taken seriously. This mustache “light” is the perfect example of facial hair accentuating chiseled features. It grows flatteringly all across his upper lip, but it is kept trimmed and neat, so it doesn’t overpower the rest of his facial hair. His jawline is covered in hair, which emphasizes razor-sharp cheekbones.

The Modern Clark Gable

Old Hollywood movie star Clark Gable’s mustache was the Tom Selleck of its time. This modern take on it is kept trim and neat. There is a gap just above the middle of the upper lip that separates the two sides of the face. Some may call it old-fashioned; we call it a classic and definitely, distinguished.

The Billy Goat’s Scruff

This here is what you call a streamlined version of the full lumberjack beard. The mustache itself is known as an English Mustache. It tapers down towards the ends but is not as curled as the handlebar version. As impressive as that mustache is, his bushy beard may just give it a run for its money. It’s full just on his chin, like a billy goat.

The Cowboy Handlebar

There are beginner handlebar mustaches, and then there are legit handlebar mustaches. This mustache is definitely the latter. The full upper lip reminds us of the old cowboy movies and their twitchy mustaches. Without a beard, this bushy mustache is the main focal point of his whole face. If you’re going to grow a mustache, you might as well grow it all the way.

The Full and Trim Mustache

This mustache and beard combo is the level that most men with facial hair get to. Not everyone can pull off the full lumberjack or caterpillar mustache. This mustache is neat. It’s understated and low-maintenance. The secret is to keep it trimmed to avoid the overgrowth that can turn into a full-blown hairy upper lip.

The Lucky Irish ‘Stache

The lucky Irish ‘stache is very similar to the full and trim look but with more – well, just more. The hair itself is a little longer and a little more rugged. The mustache is a little thicker. This beard makes a statement. It tells the world you don’t need this facial hair to make you look good, but that you make the facial hair look good.

How to get moustache

The Steampunk Mad Scientist

Just looking at this mustache makes us want to twirl the ends and laugh maniacally. Now, this is a full commitment to this look. The full mustache is shaped and groomed to split right in the middle. A good amount of wax is used to shape and hold the loopy ends. Don’t forget to keep twisting the ends.

The Super ‘Stache

Superman’s Henry Cavill doesn’t always have facial hair, but when he does, it’s definitely super. Another example of the full mustache and beard, the Super ‘Stache can make women swoon, and men rub their hairless chins in envy. This kind of mustache and beard combo adds a certain sophisticated ruggedness and masculinity to the man sporting it. Cape not included.

The Hipster

Don’t be fooled. Although this is a type of handlebar mustache, it is most widely recognized as The Hipster. It is not as bushy as some handlebars but rather, neat and trim. You will find the Hipster attached to men wearing skinny jeans and flannels or cardigans. The curled ends of The Hipster are perfection since they’re probably been measured and curled at a precise 360 degrees.

The “Gos”

The Gos is really more of an ode to scruff than a full-blown mustache and beard. Neither Ryan Gosling’s beard nor his mustache is fully-grown in so they carry that air of “I woke up like this” allure. Gosling’s facial hair looks like he just hasn’t shaved in a few days. It isn’t groomed, it hasn’t been shaped – it is messy perfection.

The Hulk Hogan

Before Hulk Hogan’s impressive blonde version, the Hulk was associated mostly with bikers. Then he came onto the wrestling scene and made it his own. The thick ‘stache we see that starts above his lips, then trails down on either side of his mouth to come to an end just below his chin is part of his signature look.

The Sam Elliott

If we all look up to Tom Selleck’s mustache, who does his ‘stache look up to? It’s like the granddaddy of all mustaches. Thick and full, this mustache means business. Unlike Selleck’s, it continues down his cheek to end just around his chin. It’s a classic cowboy style that makes you want to tip your hat and say, “Ma’am.”

The Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt made his mark on Hollywood with his clean-shaven, golden boy good looks. The addition of a mustache, even a traditional one like this is, a refreshing update. Pitt’s ‘stache is a type of Chevron style, so named because of its zig-zag shape. It’s trim, neat and gives a rugged appearance to his otherwise leading-man good looks.

The New Captain Hook

Captain Hook’s mustache has come a long way from the exaggerated imperial handlebar that made its appearance in the Disney cartoon and on Dustin Hoffman in the Hook sequel. This new Hook is modern, and so is his ‘stache. It’s part of an extended goatee that keeps Hook’s roguish look while getting rid of the stereotypical handlebar loops.

The Tony Stark aka Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr.’s mustache and goatee are as much of a part of Tony Stark as his Iron Man suits. The thin, groomed mustache on top balances the uniquely shaped goatee below. With a thicker soul patch and twin peaks on either side of his mouth, this style is easily recognizable as belonging to the Avenger. With the movies’ popularity, more fans are asking for the Tony Stark.

Chevron moustache trimming

The Mustache de Milo

Milo Ventimiglia’s mustache and beard made quite the splash when they debuted. This look is known as a Short Box Beard. It’s full, but not bushy. Well-groomed, rugged and masculine, this mustache and beard combo helped cement the believability of Milo’s character as a father in the late seventies.

The Goatee

The goatee is one of the most popular combinations of facial hair. Combining a full mustache with a beard that covers only the chin and under the lip, the goatee is a great compromise for those that want the look of a mustache and beard, but not necessarily the commitment of the full-on Selleck mustache or the shaggy beard.

The Basic Scruff

All of the impressive mustaches we’ve seen had to start somewhere and that somewhere, is a scruff. This is the beginning of all facial hair. It’s the foundation for every great Selleck, all super ‘staches, and even each Mad Scientist. The scruff makes each of these possible. Though not everyone may find it impressive, the scruff is the training wheel for all of its more impressive brothers.


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