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In modern time remaining clean shaven has become an unwritten norm when it comes to fashion statement for men. But at the same time not all men want to remain clean shaven. Rather they want mustache and beard of different kinds on face which will elevate their personalities. There are different kind of mustache styles that modern men can adapt today. One of such style is the upperlip covering mustache in which the upperlip of a man remains covered with hairs of mustache while lower lip remains clear. The fashion sensibility of modern men has brought some subtle change to this simple style too. If you adapt this mustache style then you have to devote some time from time to time to keep the look. Mustache covering upper lip.

Here Are 5 Different Styles Of Upperlip Covering Mustache For Men:

1. Simple Traditional Upperlip Covering Mustache

In simple upperlip covering mustache style a man can keep a slight thick mustache not much long horizontally that extends from below the nose and cover upperlip without any break in between. This looks quite fascinating. It enhances personality too.

2. Very Thick Bushy Upperlip Covering Look

Some men mostly a bit older in age prefer very big bushy mustache that not only covers upperlip but tends to make lower lip disappear too. This style makes a man look interesting in a weird sort of way.

Cowboy mustache styles

3. Upperlip Covering Mustache With Break

Some men do not like upperlip covering mustache that is continuous. They rather want to go for an upperlip mustache that has break in the middle or semi break in middle part. It looks stylish too.

4. Upperlip Covering Royal Mustache Look

This is a hybrid style in which an upperlip covering mustache has its horns in both ends raised upward like royal mustache. The raised horns have twist too. This hybrid look certainly elevates a man’s personality. It makes him look strong.

Mustache pics

5. Upperlip Covering Mustache With Low Horns

This style or mustache is just opposite to previous one. In this the both horns of the mustache is kept low rather than raised. Men who do not want to look strong or robust like to go this way. It is also interesting never the less.

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