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Goatee styles of chin hair are a small pointed beard for men’s chin. It is somewhat like chin of goat, that’s why it is named so. Presently it is very common among the range of hairstyle and mustaches. Its style keeps on changing according to time just like any other facial hair styles. It is one of those types which include some short mustache and a little chin hair. It sometimes represents a positive person going to be an evil one. It is a suitable stuff for short hairstyles for round faces. Growing such beard types is a quite big decision. It gives you a mature and serious look. This facial hairstyle can be done with or without mustaches. Best mustache for round face.

How To Grow Goatee

Just like hairstyle, you need to do some efforts to grow goatee styles beard. You should use a good trimmer for this purpose. It is recommended because in such facial hair styles, you need clean and absolutely clear shaving. It compliments good with short hairstyles for round faces. It will give you a look full of confidence and masculinity. For growing this, don’t shave for a few days. After that, for making an outline of the goatee, you should use a trimmer. Now, clearly shave beyond the outline. For better results, you can use a clear shaving gel and also some aftershave.


If you want to maintain it properly, you need to do trimming once in a week. The most important thing about this beard types is that you need to keep it damn clean. If it got messy it will not look good at all and it will ruin your facial look.

Different Styles Of Goatee

Like hairstyle, these facial hair styles are also available in many varieties. If you are going to try this, you should give every style at least one chance. First of all, try the basic one for few weeks. When it suits your face properly, you can change the style of your beard types according to your short hairstyles for round faces or your desire. After trying the basic goatee styles, you can go for the standard one. It is a full fledge form. You can also try the disconnected version of it. It gives uniqueness in facial hair styles. One more type is with chin strap, but you should not go for this. It’s not that good. But you really like it, go ahead. One of the styles popular among celebrities is the soul patch. It looks like you forgot to shave some facial hair on your chin. It’s not bad, but not that good.

Long mustache

For best results, you need to keep doing experiments, just an in case of hairstyles. Then only you will come to know that which one suits you the most. You should use electrical trimmer. It is good because it has inbuilt selector for length which helps you in making a good shape of it. Thicker look better so you should try some hair products for this purpose. And if you don’t have thick one, don’t worry, its normal. If you got thick hairs, and want trimmed edges, try a nose hair trimmer. While doing trimming, keep in mind the view in mirror. So, place the mirror at proper place so that it gives you a real look.

2. Brad Pitt Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

9. Jake Gyllenhaal Goatee And French Beard

Handlebar mustache trend

10. Jake Gyllenhaal Goatee And Mustacehe

11. James Franco Goatee Without Mustache

And finally, choose such beard types that suits you. Don’t run for it otherwise it will ruin your look.

Imperial mustache
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