Beard and mustache style 2016. 6 ways to grow a moustache

Facial hair is cool, it’s hip ─everyone in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) has it─ and it makes you look older wiser. But if you happen to be a kid, a woman or Right Said Fred, it can be hard for you to go with the hipster flow. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Because according to exactly one source today is Moustache Day, we did our research, reviewed and rated six different techniques that allow you to instantly grow hair on your virtual upper lip and beyond. Go crazy and experiment with the horseshoe (cowboy-style), the walrus (police chief style), the pencil (John Waters style), the Hitler (in fact no, don’t do this one), the Hungarian (big and bushy), the Dali (narrow, slightly curled), the Fu Manchu (long, pointing downward), or the Pancho Villa (a thick Fu Manchu). Then save the result and upload it as your profile picture on Facebook in honour of… Moustache Day! How to grow an awesome mustache.

Oh, and before someone mentions it, if you think of how popular moustaches were before the 80s, then in a way this could be part of Wayback Week too!

REVIEW: Upload a picture of your face and add 13 different moustaches and/or beards. A few downsides here: you can’t rotate the staches, nor your face, and you have to e-mail the generated picture to yourself to get a hold of the JPG. UPDATE: Guys took our advice and added a download button. The final images are quite amusing.

REVIEW: First upload your mugshot or take a snapshot with your webcam. Then, like some sort of Microsoft Paint for barbers, you can select one (or more) of the five different facial hair colours, and adjust the thickness or the curlyness of the hair. A mirror effect option is available for creating those perfectly symmetrical staches. Hair growth gets out of control easily when you start clicking all over your face, so that undo button comes in handy. Be warned that if you hit the golden “Submit” button, your image ends up in their gallery forever. The good news is that you’ll be unrecognizable anyway. You can post your bearded face to Twitter and Facebook, but we’ve advised the developers to also add an “export to JPG” option so let’s see if they listen and they added the extra button in just a few hours!

How to style a mustache

REVIEW: Choose from many hair colours and eight standard moustache styles (including the biker and the handlebar), or style your own manscape by starting with a full beard and using Schick’s trim, edge and shave tools. The big downside is that you’re required to register if you want to download your mediocre image or embed the (scary) 3D animation on Facebook.

REVIEW: Have you seen Youth In Revolt yet? Yes, it’s that Michael Cera movie that’s different and then again not. The Badvatar builder on the movie’s site takes another approach to manscaping your face. As usual, you upload an image of yourself, but instead of carefully pasting hairs around your lips and on your chin, the application does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is answer five multiple choice questions that test what kind of “bad” guy you are on a scale from Michael Cera to his bad-ass alter ego in the movie, François Dillinger. The result comes as a polaroid with your bad boy nickname written below your mean looking face. Of course, every bad-ass has a moustache. I’m not too sure about the hat though.

REVIEW: We wrote a piece on the Sabotage Yourself generator a while ago. Go check it out!

Beard and mustache combo

REVIEW: You can get messy with your (mom’s) eyeliner or (chocolate) milk, but nothing beats the finger moustache tattoo or “fingerstache“. Just find a pen, draw the stache of your dreams on the side of your finger facing away from you, and pose in front of your webcam with your finger right under your nose. Our absolute favourite!

Unfortunately disqualified from our thorough moustache experiments are Russ Campbell‘s Mustache Maker which is webcam-only and very limited (as intended by the developer), and Burger King‘s Pet Moustache which used to be amazing, but appears to be broken now.

Muchos mustachios, everyone!

What type of moustache should i grow
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