70s handlebar mustache. The man style — the ultimate men’s style photo editor app

The Man Style is the ultimate men’s style photo editor app. It’s easy to use, sleek, feature rich and it can easily help you add mustache hair and beard to any picture. This Android app is one of the easiest to use app that will surely help you find the right style for you but also have great fun! Moustache and beard styles photos.

Upload pictures and start making combinations

This app will help you choose from different hairstyles, mustaches, beards, glasses and hats. Everything you need, to finally change your lifestyle. All you have to do is upload several pictures of yourself, or make a live photo and start making combinations to see who will fit you the most.

Tips for thick moustache

Well, finding the right style is not an easy task for sure. But Man Style is here to ease that task for you. You can choose to add a mustache, from the classic to the eccentric ones. You can try out these styles more classically or approach them with a modern edge, which highlights that it is the way you interpret facial hair that will help you change things up.

There are the beards also. There are so many beard styles you can try out, from Clean Shaven, Circle Beard to Full Beard and Garibaldi. This app will also present you with the latest haircut trends for men. They are suitable for just any guy, with thin hair, with curly hair, with thick hair and with round faces etc. Play around and mix different styles till you find the perfect one.

Different mustache styles

But that’s not all, you can also add hats and glasses to have a completely new lifestyle! Real men will enjoy this app.

So don’t hesitate, download The Man Style for free from Google Store and give yourself a new look.

Short mustache with beard

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