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Women can change their looks in minutes, with few strokes of blush on the cheeks or strokes of lipstick on their lips. Just like them, men have their routines also to achieve a good look. Most men exert a lot of energy to change them into something that fits their personality. They can do this by growing a beard and a mustache. No single style can work for all. If you have decided to say goodbye to your clean shaved face and want to welcome some masculinity in you, then check out some of the best mustache and beard styles that you can go with depending on your facial shapes.\ Mustache styles for oval face.

#1 Oval Face

Not to exaggerate everything but if your face happens to be oval, you don’t need to make some adjustments. Now, how does it look if you have an oval face? It is not precisely a shape but kind of like proportions of wider cheekbones than that of your jawbones. It also looks like a chin in a balanced way which forms vertically and is symmetrical from your forehead. But if you still insist on trying some ideas that can be done on your oval face, then I will show you some famous people having different styles.

Kevin Hart

If you are a big fan of Kevin Hart, then adapting his beard style can be a good move. Kevin’s Hart is loved by everyone for his comedy and his slapstick acting. His face structure is what experts say oval, and he knows that. His beard game is one of the points of keeping the same classical spectrum. He constitutes a goatee matched up with a thick hair below his chin area. This style looks great with his grin. As you can see in the pictures, both styles maintain the baseline of his oval face. This look can be easily achieved. If done correctly, you can achieve that same look.

David Beckham

If you opt for a David Beckham look, then you must try this kind of beard style. Beckham has the oval face and no doubt it is kept gracefully neat. He keeps his beard short, so he can have the ideal shape that makes up the jawline. This style is often known as ‘soft corner’ by barbers. He makes sure his scruff is proportionally inclined to that of his features. This look has a balanced tapered mustache with a beard situated to the lower lip. He had some other styles in the past, but this style is like permanent for ages now. For those of you have an oval face, then you should try this.

#2 Round and Circular Face

Men with round and circular face normally have wider cheekbones, jawbones, and ensembles a small chin. Top stylists suggest that the best thing to do is focus on your facial hair. You can go with a goatee or Van Dyke because it defines the structure of your entire face plus makes a persona of longer and more emphasized chin. In simple words, if your face is round, never grow your beard or mustache too wide. Better to keep them narrower. Let’s see some visual examples of round faces with perfect beard and mustache style.

Jeremy Renner

You must be a big fan of the Avengers and the much-renowned actor, Jeremy Renner. Actor of The Avengers has a face which barbers call a perfectly round face. Usually, we see him clean shaved, but the moment he tries to grow some shades, he always makes sure to have a Van Dyke style. This style lengthens his face and makes his jaw line more angular. Normally anything that is not round looks great on circular face and vice versa.


You may remember him as a clean shaved man, but if you see his movie ‘Transformers’ in which he has a horseshow goatee/mustache combo, he gives an effect of the elongated jaw. He has the best round face anybody can have, and he had kept it neat and trimmed.

Another name for mustache

#3 Triangle Face

Also known as the heart shape, this type of face usually includes a chin that is pointed. It also has narrow jawbones and a wide cheekbone. People with triangle face can benefit from beards and mustache styles like ‘Peema-Scruff’ and ‘Full Sea Captain’s Whiskers.’ Normally all men with triangle face have some full beard and mustache style, or they start looking boyish. Let’s see some examples below of famous people with triangular faces.


This guy from Chicago Cubs is the ideal example of a triangle face and shows how a beard can make the features of a man’s face different. His thick beard somewhat constitutes to a titan, but despite that, it doesn’t look barbaric at all. In fact, it gives a masculine look and a perfect persona as long it is well-kept. A triangular face person can enjoy long beards, and it will make their face symmetrical and perfect.

Tom Hardy

An inspiring MMA Fighter has a relatively narrower chin if you will compare it from that of his jawbones. Because of his beard and mustache, his jawline becomes more in depth and has a better volume. His beard may look somewhat wild, but it is kept short evenly across his jaw.

#4 Long Face

The long face looks like wide jawbones which are situated above the mouth and a defined chin that forms a square shape below the face. Long faces were loved by old TV producers that is why they hired actors of that time who had long faces. Many styles can make your face dimensions perfect, and you can have a well-grown beard without the look of being messy. Here is what famous long faces came up with.

Robert Downey

I don’t think I have to give a bio on this actor since he is the top chart of everything. With the iconic look of his mustache together with his angled goatee, he is a perfect example of a well-kept long face. He usually wears a goatee that has a wider chinstrap beard and makes sure it is neat, trimmed and short. This beard style, despite making the chin wide, can still make you avoid of looking unruly. His long face bead style is most iconic of all, and all barbers suggest this style for people with long faces.

Idris Elba

He can show how to keep a long face perfect with a horseshoe looking mustache mixed with a circular beard. His style defines his chin more which gives an impression of him of having a triangle-shaped face. This style looks good especially for bulky people or people with good height.

Singham style moustache

#5 Square Face

A wise man knows if he has a round face. Same goes for people of the square face. A circular beard can balance it great. Having a square-faced shape usually has a wide and thick jaw bone matched up with a short chin. Many actors (e.g., John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tom Selleck) cast by Hollywood had the square face because this face is the stereotypically known as strong-jawed. Many models and TV actors are considered to be great looking if they have a square face.

Let’s see what actors with a square-faced come up with.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is no doubt the most iconic square-faced. He has the best beard styles for so many years, but his famous circular scruff gave him a look. His style is very simple, just the typical beard with a full goatee helps but this minor change makes his chin more elongated while maintaining his square jawbones. This is why fans remember him with this style, and it is also a favorite of many people with square faces.

Dwayne Johnson

He is a Rock with a square face. Many of his early fans remember him having a clean shaved face but not anymore. If you forget he has a beard, then it’s not a surprise. He always has a well-groomed facial hair that he always maintains. He normally goes with a typical goatee and a circular beard. It usually covers his entire chin without losing focus to his strong jaw muscles. He has some other styles as well, but his circular beard style is one of the most famous. Anybody with a square face can try to cope with his style, as long as the beard is kept trimmed and neat, all is well.

So have you decided which of these famous individuals you want to look like? Start off by choosing the beard style that fits your personality and facial features. I’m sure you won’t have a hard time choosing your style now. Just take note of your facial shape and take it from there. I hope this article somewhat help you to decide what look to achieve. You can go differently and mix and match it with different styles. Stand out from the crowd and pick your best look. With enough time and skill, I’m sure the look that you desire most can be achieved.

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