Big moustache. 4 Awesome Mustache-Themed Dog Items, Unleashed Unlimited

I have no idea why, but I have recently stumbled onto a few unique mustache-themed dog items that made me laugh. In no particular order and with no affiliation to Unleashed Unlimited, here are some mustache-themed dog items that you and your dog may enjoy! Unique mustaches.

Humunga Mustache Dog Toy is a hard rubber dog toy that is shaped like a mustache in the front and a shaped like a ball in the back. The unique shape of the Humunga Stache forms a perfect dog mustache when your pooch picks up the toy from the ball end. Not only is fetch with your dog fun, but now it’s funny too! Humunga also makes a similar dog toy that features a giant tongue, check that out also.

Hattie Rex Mustache ID Tag is straight up awesome! I love the design of the mustache tag but also the the tag materials, the rustic look, and the unique fonts rock too! What dog wouldn’t want some extra facial hair! Hatte Rex also makes a lot of really cool other id tags as well, so if a mustache isn’t your cup of tea, be sure to check out their other dog id tag designs as well.

Pencil beard styles

This Silly Buddy Mustache Dog Collar is a must-have for all mustache loving dogs out there. Silly Buddy hand-makes their collars and pay the highest attention to detail which means your mustache dog collar will look as clean and crisp as your dog! In addition to the mustache dog collars, Silly Buddy also makes a line of bow tie dog collars as well; they rock too!

The Muttropolis Mustache Dog Collar features a variety of mustache styles. Whether you are you a fan of the box car, the handlebar, the business man, the regent, or the abra kadabra – it doesn’t matter; they’re all on here! In addition to the fantastic mustaches, the Muttropolis Mustache Dog Collar also features and mini seatbelt style buckle for easy on/off. Also check out the matching leash as well!!

Beard shaving styles

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