Goatee and moustache styles. What are the Best Beard and Mustache Styles

One of the biggest benefits of growing out a beard and a mustache is that you can play with so many different styles and looks in a relatively short amount of time. Facial hair on most men grows relatively fast meaning that in as little as a couple of weeks you can go from clean shaven to having a full face of hair. Best mustache styles.

In this brief article we are going to look at a number of different beard and mustache styles. From the classic and conservative Chevron mustache to the more daring flair of the fu Manchu, you will surely be able to find a fashion that suits your look. We will start looking first at just mustache styles before looking at a few styles of beards and mustaches combined together.

The Chevron is what most people think about when it comes to mustaches. It is a thick, full and bushy line of hair covering the upper lip from below the nose to just above the mouth and usually extending just past the corners of your mouth. If you are not one wanting to draw a lot of attention to your style, this may be the type of mustache for you.

Next up we have the Dali, named after the eccentric Spanish painter Salvador Dali. This mustache is much thinner than the Chevron and has tips that are pointed or curved upwards. This is the only style of mustache where the tips go upwards and it will obviously draw attention and cause quite an impression. The Dali fits the look of Bohemian artist types.

The English mustache is also narrow like the Dali, but goes straight out towards your cheeks, not bending upwards or downwards. The English style mustache is reminiscent of the royalty and English gentlemen of the past. The mustache is usually divided in the middle of your upper lip while the corners of your moth are clean shaven. This look offers a graceful and distinguished appearance.

The Fu Manchu is a mustache style most associated with Asian men and I feel is one of the best mustache styles. It is a long and thick mustache beginning on the upper lip and extending in a straight line down the jaw. In some cases the whiskers can freely hang below your jaw line. The corners of the mouth are clean shaven.

A handlebar mustache is sometimes considered to be an old and outdated style, but it is making a comeback among certain young people today. The handlebar can be worn in different lengths, but is always bushy enough to curl the ends of the mustache upwards. This is done with the help of mustache styling wax.

How to mustache styles

Not to be confused with the fu Manchu which it resembles, the horseshoe mustache is a great look for bikers and others who want to achieve a rough and tough look. The full mustache is grown with vertical lines going around the corners of the lips and down to the jaw line (though not extending over like the Fu Manchu). This style should look exactly like an upside down horseshoe.

The imperial mustache is the longest and bushiest of the mustache and beard styles out there. The thick, bushy hair from the upper lip combines with the cheek hair of a beard to be styled pointing upwards, though much thicker than the Dali. This mustache makes one think of Kings of past, and brings with it a sense of stoutness and assurance.

Lastly, we have two other types of mustaches that show just how different a mustache look can appear. The pencil mustache is thin and closely cropped and follows the outline of the upper lip. Because of the thinness, pencil mustaches can be styled in a number of ways. The Walrus is the opposite of the pencil mustache. It is a large, thick, bushy and droopy mustache that covers every bit of skin between the nose and the lip (often covering the lip and upper part of the mouth.)

There are surely other styles of mustaches that can be thought up of with a little creativity and imagination on your part, but these styles are a great starting point. If you are not one who is crazy about the idea of having a mustache by itself, there are also a number of beard and mustache styles that can be tailored to your own unique image. We´ll mention just three types of beard and mustache looks below.

The friendly muttonchops look is perhaps the most eccentric and unconventional look for a mustache and beard in today’s world, but nonetheless it warrants mention. A thick mustache combines with thick cheek hair that curls around towards the ear. The chin and neck are left clean shaven. Think Civil War general when you hear of this style.

A goatee is an umbrella term in which the mustache connects with a beard grown only on the chin area. The goatee combines the best in mustaches and beards and can be grown in any number of styles. Lastly, we have the Zappa style which combines a full moustache with whiskers usually growing out past the sides of the mouth with a thick and bushy soul patch grown directly underneath the bottom lip. It was named after the American musician Frank Zappa.

How to groom a mustache

The perfect type of beard or mustache for you personally will depend on the type of facial hair you grow, the thickness of your facial hair, and the style you want to portray. With so many options out there, you are sure to find a style that fits your personality and image.

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