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The mustache is often the first facial hair a young man grows, so its appearance marks the transition from boy into man. As the upper lip is sensitive and may be prone to ingrown hairs, many men decide to grow it in. Others just like the look of a health ‘stache. Men mustache.

Whether your mustache is a permanent fixture, like that of actor Tom Selleck, or more temporary, your facial hair will benefit from careful grooming and styling. If you’ve ever admired a magnificent beard or mustache and wondered how he gets his facial hair to behave so well when yours might grow in looking like a wild man, these waxes, balms and butters are the not-so-secret secret of many men sporting impressive styles.

Much like the hair on your head, your beard is prone to breakage, dryness and other damage. Considering your ‘stache is also exposed to food, drink and saliva, a quality mustache wax can help protect the hair from damage and keep it out of your mouth while you’re eating.

Some products are also designed to condition both the mustache and the beard, depending on your hair type, thickness and the condition of your skin. Here are our picks for the best 10 waxes on the market.

This handmade wax is American-made in the state of Maine and features a pleasant pine scent. Designed to provide hold and shape to handlebar mustaches, it’s also great for taming your sideburns, goatee or full beard. Touted as softer than many other waxes on the market, Stache Bomb is great for the beginner and the experienced groomer alike. A little goes a long way, but any excess can be removed by blotting with a paper towel or handkerchief. If you’ve never tried wax before or are dissatisfied with your current product, give this one a try.

This dark wax offered superior hold and will help you if your facial hair grows in a bit lighter than your head hair. One of the darkest waxes available on the market, men who have started to salt-and-pepper a bit love this wax for its coverage ability and how long it holds up. Even in hot and humid conditions, a single application in the morning will keep your ‘stache in place all day. Another wax handmade in the US, this brand hails from John Pitts, a Mississippi farrier and fireman. He developed his wax to withstand the oppressive heat of the American south and an active lifestyle, making it an excellent choice.

How to give shape to mustache

For men who need maximum hold from their wax, this cottage-industry product from Michigan is just right. Made of a blend of local beeswax, castor oil, lanolin, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E, this all-natural wax is designed to provide serious hold without resorting to petrochemicals or other harsh substances. It contains no fragrances and has a very mild, clean scent from the coconut and shea. Perfect for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin, this wax isn’t irritating or overpowering.

This organic offering is hand-made in Georgia and does not include any chemicals, colorants, preservatives or fragrances. If your hair grows slowly or you are trying to grow out to a longer style, this wax is jam-packed with healthy vitamins and natural oils to help protect hair from split ends and dryness. Sweet almond oil provides vitamins A, E and B as well as omega fatty acids for shine and health. Tea tree essential oil adds in a crisp, pleasant scent and soothes your skin. If you want to nourish your skin and hair, all while holding it in place, this wax is designed to do just that.

5. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm And Conditioner

While not as stiff and tacky as a traditional wax, this balm is intended to give you control and shape over your facial hair. You can use it for beards, mustaches or sideburns to give your hair a glossy finish and protect it. A blend of castor oil, jojoba oil and Australian olive oil give the balm its sheen, while essential oils of lime, eucalyptus, cedarwood, bay and rosemary give it a wonderful scent and nutrients necessary for healthy hair. These oils also prevent itching and are soothing to the skin.

6. Fisticuffs Pine Scent Strong Hold Mustache Wax

Your mustache

This pirate-themed wax includes pine sap, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, petroleum jelly and teatree oil. All together, this blend is designed to give superior hold while smelling like the great outdoors. Other essential oils are part of the blend and are not listed, so proceed with caution if you are sensitive to any essential oil. Otherwise, this is a great wax that will provide you with all-day hold. This wax is also lauded by men who live in colder climates, as it won’t clump up in start flaking once winter and low temps arrive. When you’re done using the wax, the tin is also a neat collectible for carrying breath mints or loose change.

Another great product from Wild Willie, this beard butter is designed to help men who have itchy, flaky skin and need relief. The balm, comprised of all-natural organic oils and waxes, keeps your hair follicles soothes and moist for faster-growing hair with no irritation. If your beard and mustache is growing out in a directions, this butter will help calm your strands and get them to lie down. There are no fragrances or colorants in this, so it’s great for those with sensitive skin. If you’re frustrated by itching or irritated skin beneath your budding beard or mustache, try out Wild Willie’s to get relief.

8. Stingray Bay For Men Botanical Beard and Moustache Gloss

For men who have thick, straight facial hair, a wax may be overkill. This gloss is designed to condition the hair and tame it as it grows. It’s made of plant extracts, organic honey and a variety of essential oils, including rosemary, lime, cedarwood and bay. The scent is heavenly and a little goes a very long way with this gloss. This formula won’t stain your pillowcases or clothing, so washing it out daily isn’t necessary as long as you don’t overdo the application in the first place. Definitely a great choice if you don’t need a heavy-handed wax to tame your locks and prevent tangles.

Another pirate-worthy balm, this tin contains a mix of the finest butters and oils. The scent is described as invigorating, but it won’t overpower you or compete with your cologne. When you first open the tin, you might be dismayed that it smells like Vapo-Rub. However, once it’s in your beard and airs out for a few moments the scent turns to a pleasant, mild citrus. For men who grow a thick, curly beard and want to tame the bush, this is a great product. It even helps with beard dandruff and itching, as the soothing oils help keep your skin from becoming irritated. For a busy man on the go, one application lasts all day long.

Goatee styles without mustache

This product comes packaged in an elegant collectible tin and is hand-crafted in the United States. Made of only all-natural waxes and oils, this formula warns easy with body heat from your hands and spreads through your locks easily. It doesn’t clump up, even in the warmest of climates or with a lot of physical activity. The scent is among the most subtle and pleasant offered on the market, so it won’t be offensive if you or your partner suffer from allergies. Whether using it to tame your mustache or condition your full beard, this balm is a great product for the discerning gentleman.
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