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Well, we’ve finally made it through the lengthy year that was January 2018. And if you’re feeling like us, you’re already ready for a vacation. It’s still February, so flying to Tahiti may be out of the question. New look mustache.

But don’t worry, here at Zeus Beard, we still have some good reading material for you to relax with on a mini stay-cation. So, sit back and relax and open a couple of beers and a couple of tabs with these beard-related stories.

Look no further, here’s the best of the web to kick off the month of February.

We’ll start things off with some comedic relief in the form of a petition to nix Arctic Monkey’s lead singer Alex Turner’s beard. Then taking a more sentimental turn, check out the story about a man who is shaving the beard he’s had for four years to fund a heartwarming cause.

Keep reading to find out about new Lion’s head coach Matt Patricia’s new look and Command Sargeant Major John Troxell’s negative thoughts on beards on military men.

Finally, catch up with some of our beard tips by learning how to grow your beard faster and fuller than your buds on the block.

There’s a petition to ban Arctic Monkey’s front man Alex Turner’s beard.

Turns out some Arctic Monkeys’ fans don’t think singer Alex Turner looks so good on the dance floor anymore.

While the singer is iconic for his interesting voice and boyish good looks, the scraggly beard he’s been rocking lately hasn’t been a number one hit.

In fact, some fans felt so strongly about his look that they started a petition calling for Turner to get rid of it for good, calling it “his detriment” and “visually unappealing.”

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This man has grown a beard for the past four years but he’s shaving it off to raise money for two boys with a genetic disorder.

Former Marine William Bland of Winnsboro, Louisiana started growing his beard four years ago when he left the military. However, he’s now ready to shave it off to support a good cause.

Toddlers Noah and Josiah Duckett were born with a genetic condition that doctors can’t quite pinpoint. With expensive doctors appointments and specialty testing, the Duckett family needed more financial support.

That’s when Bland stepped in to help with a fundraiser centered around shaving his epic beard to support the boys and their family.

To read more about Bland and the Duckett family, click here.

The Patriots may have lost the Super Bowl, but Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia wins points for his new look.

With his new position as the Lions head coach, Matt Patricia debuted a new look. Gone is his unkempt bushy beard, and in its place is a well-shaped clean new style.

Last year, many in the sports industry doubted Patricia’s ability to serve as a team’s head coach because of his beard and outfit choices that they thought lacked professionalism.

While we disagree with a big beard meaning a lack of work ethic, Patricia caved to the criticism and cleaned up his look. However, we can’t disagree that his new sharp look suits his face well.

To read more about Patricia’s beard and position change, click here.

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The top enlisted officer at the Pentagon bashes beards in the military.

Command Sargeant Major John Troxell is the highest enlisted officer in the United States Armed Forces. While he may have great respect for the men who serve under him, he doesn’t have great respect for their facial hair.

At the end of January, Troxell told “Military Times,” “Sometimes, obviously, there is a right time and a right place for relaxed grooming standards, but…in some cases, people look at beards like it’s a tangible gimmick.”

Naturally, like many military men outraged by his comments, we have to disagree.

However, overall, most military men are not permitted to grow a beard while enlisted. Currently, decisions regarding facial hair are made on a case-by-case basis.

To read more about the facial hair of men in the military and Troxell’s thoughts, click here.

Grow your beard faster and fuller than your friends with these tips and guides.

Growing a beard isn’t just about adding some hair to your face. It can also turn into a competitive sport between you and your friends.

To learn tips on how to grow your beard faster and fuller than your best buds, click here.

For men approaching middle age, going gray can be a jarring reality. However, a little dye can have you feeling like yourself again in no time.

Moustache long

To learn how to fight going gray, click here.

A good beard can make a man’s face, but let’s not forget about perfecting a mustache style.

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