Mustache 2016 style. 5 Mustache Styles To Transform Your Face and Reflect Your Personality

Beards can be a glorious staple of your face, but if you’re really trying to make a lasting statement, it’s all about the ‘stache. There are tons of mustache styles out there, but the journey to upper lip greatness is about finding the one that best suits your face and personal style. Mustache grooming.

Mustaches are also man’s greatest magic trick. Women may have the art of makeup to transform their faces but men have the art of facial hair. A mustache is perfect to highlight the parts of your face you want to show off and conceal features, like a thin lip, that you may be looking to hide.

Here at Zeus Beard, we compiled a list of our top five favorite mustache styles.


Probably the easiest to distinguish out of the various mustache styles, is the handlebar mustache. Known for its full appearance with ends that twist up like handlebars on a bicycle, the handlebar mustache says, “I’m here for a good time.”

This mustache is perfect for men with a playful side who want to experiment with their look without fully committing to a funky design.

Mustache styling wax is a must for your collection if choosing this look. Let the bulk of your mustache maintain its natural shape while you focus on using the wax to mold the ends.

The Zeus Mustache Styling Wax ($34 / 3 tubes / 0.34 fl oz ea.) is great for all day wear. The formula is medium consistency and dries on clear.

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With a water-based formula, the styling wax is also easy to wash out, allowing you to try as many mustache styles as you please without fuss.


If you like kickin’ it old school, this mustache will definitely give you a blast from the past. Reminiscent of an old detective from the turn of the 20th century, when it comes to mustache styles this one will definitely add a distinguished flare to your look.

The pencil mustache got its moniker from its thin, pencil-like appearance. While it may require some extra upkeep like constant trimming to maintain that line, your new style statement will be worth it.


Rocking a mustache doesn’t mean you have to forget about growing a beard. If crisp, clean lines are your aesthetic, this combo works great to contour your face and add definition. In addition, the sleekness will pull together the hair on your head with the hair on your face for a fluid look.

However, a fluid look doesn’t have to mean connecting your beard and mustache to your hair. It’s more about mimicking the line work in each to compliment each other. Like shown in the picture above, fading your hairline and sideburns into your mustache provides a classy distinction that still looks pulled together.


If you’re less on the polished posh side of things and more on the rugged side, the burly, bold mustache is more up your alley.

What is a goatee with a mustache called

Like the last look, adding a beard to things can really emphasize your mustache’s glory. However, here, the point is to grow a mustache so long and wild that it’s hard to distinguish where your mustache stops and where your beard starts.

For this look, match your burly beard with an equally as impressive mustache. That means letting your facial hair roam as freely as you do.


Tom Selleck adopted his signature thick, straight mustache in his 1980 role as crime-solving Thomas Magnum. From a swanky house and lifestyle to a gaggle of beautiful women, Magnum had it all in the ’80s and it’s no wonder why men followed Selleck’s suit.

His iconic ‘stache is bushy and thick but not messy, the perfect blend of manliness and cleanliness. While this mustache looks natural and bold, the trick is to keep it full but trimmed so that it keeps its shape.

Trimming is made easy with the Zeus Beard and Mustache kit by Dovo ($89). The kit contains the Zeus matte finish, stainless steel beard and mustache scissors, a beard and mustache combo comb and brush and a genuine leather carrying case.

These scissors are great for trimming and maintaining a number of mustache styles. The small frame and removable finger rest also makes them easy to manage.

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Dovo is a German manufacturer with top end products, widely respected in the facial hair industry. This pair of scissors is considered Dovo’s top-of-the-line in beard and mustache trimming.
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