How to make my moustache thicker. Beard Mustache Care Costs- How Much Growing Grooming Beard Cost

More often than not I see people thinking that growing a beard means you just stop shaving. How to take care of mustache.

This is far from the truth.

Growing a beard requires maintenance, that means you'll need to buy some beard care products that will keep your skin and beard healthy.

In this article I will explain the costs for proper care and maintenance of your beard and mustache.

How to style my moustache

We’ve all seen it; the movie or video and the guy goes to the barber shop, lays back in the chair and has a warm towel wrapped around his face before a talented barber gives him a classical wet shave. How amazing that shave truly is!

Barbers also cut, trim and style beards instead of just shaving them off. You may find that from time to time (especially in the beginning growth stages) that you need to visit a pro to get the shape and style you are after started and maintained. (Or just that you want to spoil your self, visiting the barber can be a relaxing experience.)

How much does that cost? It can get pricey.

How to shape a mustache

You have to remember these barbers aren’t just some guy that picked up scissors one day and decided to open a shop. They are trained professionals with years of schooling and experience, and you will pay for that experience.

There are two basic types of barbers that perform trims, shave and shaping: general and high-end. The general barbers are all around barbers that don’t specialize in any one area and are more a “Jack of all Trades.” They will usually do a decent job and charge you about half of their hair cutting costs. That translates to about $10 - $30.

High-end barbers have more training in techniques, styles and special circumstances (like adapting to different hair types, skin conditions, etc.). You will get a better shave and style from them, but you pay for their services. This translates to between $75 and $200, on average.

First mustache
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