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With Halloween right around the corner, which coincidentally kicks off Movember, we can’t help but feel a little sentimental remembering one of our favorite horror movies The Purge in which all crime is legal for 12 hours. Movember mustache.

Movember is a lot like The Purge. For 30 glorious days, nothing is off limits. That handlebar mustache you’ve always wanted to grow? Go for it. That Dali-esque pencil stache you’ve been dying to try? Why not. Nobody will bat an eye, and when it’s all said and done, you might just discover a new look and decide to keep it permanently.

We’re convinced November is God’s gift to guys with an experimental side. It’s perhaps the only time of the year you can try something new with your facial hair, and totally get away with it.

Your colleagues, classmates, significant other (and yes, even your boss ) will have to accept your decision, even if your toothbrush mustache rubs them the wrong way. If they need more persuading, hit them with the facts:

In 2015, Movember raised $16 million in the US and $17.5 million in Canada for men’s health

76% - 83% of funds raised were allocated directly to men’s health programs

Shaving beard

Over the last 13 years, Movember has raised $710 million for men’s health

In 2015, Movember was celebrated in 21 countries around the world through the growth of more than half a million moustaches which raised $61 million

We’re huge supporters of Movember, not only because it’s an awesome cause, but because it raises awareness for men’s health and brings attention to issues which are too often overlooked by society.

So to kick-off this year’s growing season, and to help spread the word, we’re launching two stache-tastic contests designed to celebrate and promote men’s health everywhere.

Contest #1: The Internet’s Best Movember Stache

That’s right. We’re Crowning the Internet’s Best Movember Stache. To enter, just post a photo of your mustache on Instagram, Twitter, or our Facebook page with the hashtag #RockyMountainStash. The winner will receive a $200 Rocky Mountain Barber Grooming Pack and a $200 donation to the Movember Foundation in their name.

Best dadi style

Contest #2: 30 Days Of Mustache Comb Giveaways

Camera-shy? Just enter your email address for a change to win 1 of 30 mustache combs we’re giving away in the month of November. No purchase necessary. If we draw your name, we’ll send you a free mustache comb. Entering couldn’t be easier!

Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your mustache-growing journey:

Choose your style. There is literally no wrong answer here, however we’re predicting the most popular mustache styles for 2016 will be the Walrus mustache popularized by Oklahoma City Thunder Center Steven Adams, and (for the ironically-inclined) the Pencil mustache thanks to Ken Bones (hate him or love him), star of the second presidential debate.

Buy a quality mustache comb . The hair on your upper lip is no different than the hair on your head. It needs to be combed and styled. Choose a mustache comb that is anti-static, made of natural materials and small enough to fit in your pocket for constant on-the-go-grooming.

Buy a quality oil or balm . Choosing between an oil or balm depends on your goals and the style you are trying to achieve. Both will hydrate and moisturize your hair, but if style and hold are important to you, go with a balm as its wax-base will allow your mustache to achieve more control and hold.

People with mustaches

Now get out there and start growing!
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