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How Would I Look Without a Mustache: Experimenting with beard styles, a new range of styles is seen to attract men who want sophistication as well as personality and in getting the opposite sex to turn their heads on the street. This range of styles is the beard without mustache style, which has been among the trendy fashion for quite some time. This includes the longer and the shorter version of beard styles without the mustache, which resembles the Amish Style. These styles help the chin to look broader and balance the shape of the face. Mustache and goatee. Victorian moustache styles.

Although growing a beard without mustache needs no special skills, you have to be patient and mature to let your beard grow to the length as required for styling.

Leave your facial hair to grow for a few weeks so that an outline is created

Comb and clean your beard daily

Apply oil that is rich in vitamin contents so that the growth of the hair is enhanced and kept soft and healthy

You will also be required to shave off the mustache hair daily

Trimming the beard will require a lot of patience, especially for some styles like the goatee, chin strap and other varieties of beard styles.

Let your beard grow to the desired length

Sterilize the equipment that you will require for trimming

Wash the facial hair with lukewarm water so that there is no dust left

Moustache design

Comb the hair gently several times a day

Pyramid moustache

Use the right trimmer set to the desired length for outlining the beard

Shave off any mustache hair

Women love beards as it signifies masculinity, especially the heavy stubble beards, as it gives men a sexy appearance. Women like just that enough length that does not come in the way when becoming intimate. A longish beard is what women hate, as they want to make full use of the jaw line. But there are exceptions and that is why some of the unique beard styles can be attractive to women.

Here are 20 unique beard styles without mustache that have been selected from limitless facial hair designs.

#1: Chin Curtain

Styling the chin curtain is easy. First of all, ensure that there is no hair on the portion just above the upper lip. Let the facial hair grow to the desired length after which you can trim it. Set your trimmer to the required length and trim the hair regularly so that your beard is always in shape.

#2: Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops are still popular and look better without a mustache. A sharp line is created on the sides and with gray hairs, this hairstyle without mustache looks clear and refined. This style shows the buzz cut hair complementing the hairstyle. To maintain it, you will require trimming the facial hair regularly.

#3: Standard Goatee

Standard Goatee: By Standard Goatee, we mean a short patch of hair, also called the soul patch covering a small portion of the chin, with the rest of the face cleanly shaved. To perfect this goatee grooming, you should know how to trim a goatee, using a quality trimmer. Shaving off the mustache adds more contrast to the style. Here is how to style a standard goatee.

#4: Soul Patch

The chin can look the best when styled with a soul patch. This is one of the common and popular goatee styles for round face. This style resembles the chin puff, where the hair under the lips goes downwards below the line of the chin. This beard style is an unconventional men’s goatee beard style. It is also grown narrow and styled into a spike. Here is how to style a Soul Patch.

#5: Chin Curtain

This is a chin beard style, which extends right through the jaw line and the chin from one side to the other. Famous personalities who made this beard grooming popular, include Abraham Lincoln and Alvaro Pombo, a famous writer of the 70’s. Chin Curtain beards are easy to trim, and that is why people having less time to pay attention to their beard style, would like this one.

#6: Chin strap with Goatee

This is a mix beard style which is fashionable and amazing if it could be groomed to perfection. Both the chin strap and the goatee create a wonderful combination but will require daily maintenance. You can do it at home using the trimmer or have your barber do the trimming. This beard style looks really attractive without a mustache.

Walrus mustache with beard

#7: Cute Goatee

Because of the wonderful growth pattern of the facial hair, which starts from the lower portion of the lip right to the chin, this beard style without mustache looks really cute. This beard style draws enough attention also because of the clean shave that the rest of the face has. You will need to have the rest of the face at least three times a week.

#8: Lincoln Beard

If you could pull off this beard style, there can be nothing more powerful and prestigious beard style than others. You will need a professional hand for putting a serious effort so that it looks cool. The facial hair needs to be of the same length and will require regular trimming. There should be no stubble under the cheeks, lips or nose.

#9: The Neat Chin Strap

The neat chin strap beard style could be a challenge, as it will require a lot of attention instead of a lazy way to follow the style. The beard extends right from the sideburns and has the facial hair of the same length throughout. Regular trimming is required to keep the beard in proper shape.

#10: Pony Goatee

When the length of the facial hair is kept this long for styling a pony goatee, it could look amazing. It also looks charming when the pony tail beard is tied with a colorful band. All you will need is patience to let the facial hair grow to the desired length to create the pony tail. A beard style with a lot of creativity.

#11: The Chin Puff

If you want to sport a trendy beard style without a mustache, the chin puff could be an excellent choice. Trimming the beard is the main factor for keeping the desired length of the chin puff, whether you want a shorter one or a longer version. The rest of the face, neck and the mustache are shaved clean.

#12: Long Goatee

This is a creative beard style without a mustache, where the beard is allowed to grow to a length that drops well below the chin. The other portion of the face and the mustache are shaved clean and the goatee is trimmed after every two to three days.

#13: Mutton Chops Full Face

Mutton chops are all over the face and the mustache and the chin are shaved clean. You will need the patience to let the facial hair grow to the desired length so that the mutton chops can be distinctly created. Regular maintenance will be needed, preferably by a professional barber.

#14: Amish Beard Style

A lazy way to grow a beard is demonstrated in the Amish Beard style. No mustache and long unkempt beard are the characteristics of this beard style. The beard grows right from the sideburns up to the chin. You can decide the length, except that you have to wash it on a regular basis and apply a styling product.

#15: Full Chin Curtain

The beard is full, forming a full chin curtain, but the facial hair is devoid of volume. The length lies at the chin while the sides are kept short. You will need regular trimming to maintain the shape and style.

#16: Goatee Grown Out

If you are in your early days trying out the goatee, the grown out goatee could be an ideal choice. The facial hair is kept to a certain length that looks clean. Regular trimming is required. Cut short your whiskers for perfectly achieving the style.

How to grow a long moustache

#17: Islamic Beard

The beard is grown from all the sides right up to the chin and carries from the Amish Beard. The shaving and trimming pattern make this beard without mustache style unique. The top of the beard looks like an inverted U, the bottom is trimmed and a razor cut creates the round shape.

#18: Short and Polished Chin Curtain

The short chin curtain beard style is a variation of the goatee, where the chin beard looks like a curtain. The design is thin and when it joins the soul patch, this style looks polished and charming.

#19: The Traditional Chin Strap

Men with sparse hair and unable to grow their beards to a fuller length will find the traditional chin strap beard style, which goes without a mustache, an ideal one. The beard starts right from the sideburn on one side and runs along the chin to join the sideburn on the other side.

#20: Neat Muttons

A deviation from the traditional mutton chop design, this neat mutton chop has a full and thick facial hair all over the face. The strands at the chin will require trimming and the facial hairs lined up with a razor.


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