Thick mustache styles. 5 Fabulous Vintage Mustache And Beard Styles For Modern Men,

Modern men when it comes to fashion, in most cases try to remain free of hair that is mustache or beard on face. But not all men are same. Some men prefer to have stylish mustache or beard on face. For this they look for inspiration. Though many modern styles exists still mustache or beard of bygone eras can even inspire men of modern age. These styles can make the men interestingly stylish in public too. Vintage mustache or beard styles are mostly not very much complex to adapt or demand much time to maintain. Vintage mustache styles.

Here Are 5 Fabulous Vintage Mustache And Beard Styles For Modern Men

1. Thick Mustache With Raised Horns

In previous decades particularly 40s, 50s or even 60s retaining thick mustache with raised horns on both sides is very popular. This type of mustache is similar to royal mustache. Strong minded men or men who served in military or in high ranks of law enforcement kept this kind of mustache. You can even adapt this now. If you are strong minded it will suit you very much.

2. Well Shaped Chin Covering Academician Beard

Vintage time saw emergence of many renowned scholars and academician who contributed severely in human history. Curiously academicians of bygone eras used to adapt a very well shaped or maintained entirely chin covering beard style. This bear used to start from below lower lip and was connected to sideburns of both sides with slim strip of beard. Academician or not you can adapt this even today. You can have a preferable mustache with this beard too.

Mustache and soul patch combo

3. Goatee Beard Look

Keeping a slight bit of beard just on chin area became popular as goatee in previous decades. Though goatee sometimes looked funny but soon it became a huge trend. Today fashionable modern men like goatee with little bit of added dimension. Most of modern men keep slight beard on both sides of face with a goatee. It makes a man look really gorgeous.

4. Toothbrush Mustache Style

Keeping or maintaining a very small mustache just below nose though looked funny but became very popular as two famous men adapted the style. Charlie Chaplin used to have this small mustache for his on screen tramp character and Adolf Hitler had this on his face. This style of mustache became popular as toothbrush or butterfly style. If you want to look stylish in offbeat way then you can adapt this too.

Beard and mustache combo

5. Thick Bushy Sailor Beard Style

Sailing on sea or seamanship was a very common profession in bygone eras. Experienced sailors with high rank like fist mate or captain used to adapt thick bushy jungle like beard around the face. Though this kind of profession does not exist now in exactly this way but still if you like seamen or have passed young age, you can adapt this style. This will make you look like a man with gravity and experience.
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