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It is very true that men are in real sense men if they have a cool and perfectly trimmed beard style. Beard is like a man's ornament, you can say that beard is the Watson for your “Sherlock Holmes” face. Want to know which beard styles will suit you the most to get a girl’s number? Or having a problem with your beard? To get an answer of the above question, scroll down. Stylish mustache.

Beard- The concept

If you travel around the world you will find out that in many cultures a rugged and thick beard style is taken as a power and toughness symbol. For many guys, a full beard or a big moustache has been proved as a tool to impress a girl and not to be left in the dark side. For men, if they can match their beard with their face and hairstyle then definitely he has got the “gold key” of men’s style.

Beard trimmer- Men’s ultimate tool

If you want your beard to be as cool as you are then don’t let it grow as whiskers and fill your face. Maintenance of your beard is as important as maintaining a true relationship with your girl. You should be in love with your beard to get a cool look from it. So trim your beard gently and in the periodic interval it will totally depend on your hair growth. Once you scroll down the beard style that we have for you, you will for sure push away girls because of the concern that they might trample you. Now cool beard styles are not what your favourite actor will have, you can also have that cool like without facing any hurdles.

Beard styles for men

Full Beard

The full beard is one of the popular cool beard styles and looks great for the bald head. This beard style is maintained from the ancient time and again the same trend is back in town. Full beard goes well with any kind of face dimension and it can be trimmed and shaped in any way to go well with any face. Generally, men who go for full beard are the lovers for vintage style and also people with aged look will opt for this.

Five o’ clock

In five o’clock beard anyone will look more attractive. Men of every age group nowadays are opting for this beard style as it gives the look like the shadow of five o’ clock. Maintenance of neck and cheek area on daily basis is essential for this look so that it gives the look of quality beard or else trimming it for every three days will give the sexy look.

Goatee Beard

Goatee beard is one of the trending styles for black beard styles. The main attractive feature of goatee beard is it can trim in any way still it gives the desired and attractive look. Black guys having round face can make most of the goatee beard as it looks great on round faces. There is no need to trim it on daily basis; it looks good when it is grown fully.

Short Beard style

Many communities like African and American go for short beard style. For black guys, shorter beard won’t look that great because as the name suggests it is the shorter beard, it combines with their complexion, but again it gives the cool look and many men and women actually prefer short beard style. The trick to growing this kind of beard is to let the beard grow for one week or more than that, and then trim it accordingly to give the actual shape of a short beard.

Carved Beard style

Carved beard is meant for black guys because it shows their unique personality. For trimming up this kind of beard, a perfect beard stylist is suitable and requires effective skills. Craved beard style is best suited for the black guys who have denser hair. For this beard style, razor or trimmer can be used to shape the goatee, moustache, cheekbones, and neck. Every day extra time is taken to shape the beard for getting the whole attention to it.

The Soul Patch Beard

Soul patch is the simplest from all the other types of beards, but it gives the great look on a black guy’s face. Slightly soul patch is another variation of a goatee. The soul patch beard is a simple strip which starts from the facial hair and goes down to the lower lip and extends till the chin, it can be trimmed off to any width as it depends on the individual. Moustache for soul patch beard is a complimenting style; it extends to the center of the chin to create the strap.

The Nicolas II Beard style

Nicolas II style is a style followed back in the twentieth century, now again it came back with the modern beard style and especially black men are opting more for this kind of beard style. Nicolas II style beard come till the chin and a long moustache is complemented with it. At first, this beard style might look scary but certainly, it will grow and gives elegant look.

Van Dyke beard style

The van dyke beard is crisp, clean and sharp and this beard is another traditional form of a goatee. Many popular artists also go for this kind of beard style, again it is the smaller beard complimented with lesser or no moustache. For maintaining this appearance, everyday trimming is necessary.

Mutton Chops beard style

Mutton chops needed commitment and bravery and this kind of daring beard style is only suited for the black men. To get this look, moustache, chin and soul patch is needed to shave cleanly. The hair which is present on the sides of the cheeks needs to grow larger, longer and denser till the jawline. Once the hair grows thicker, then the edges are to be trimmed to get the bold and actual mutton chop look.

Chin Curtain Beard Style

Chin curtain beard style is trimmed carefully from the sides of the jawline, chin, and the other side. In chin curtain beard style, the hair and the moustache should not contact each other. Every day trimming is required to have the exact look and professional skills are required to shape the beard. To highlight this bearded look, it is preferred to shave off the mustache.

Anchor Beard Style

Anchor beard is the combination of moustache and goatee. This beard style looks like an anchor and in industry, Hollywood actors made it really very popular. It is also known as Balbo beard. Anchor beard style is a thick goatee which connects the chin and moustache in between some portion is shaved. Every day for getting the exact anchor look, the middle parts are needed to be trimmed off.

Mustache growing guide

The Friendlier chops beard style

The earlier mutton chops are bit scarier, but this version of friendlier mutton chop can be worn by anyone. This beard style is same as the original one with same shape and length. The uniqueness of friendlier mutton chop is it shows the friendliness and if the moustache is grown it looks classier. The hair on the cheeks and jaw is allowed to complement it with a beard.

Barely shaved beard style

Barely shaved beard can be formed if the five o’clock look is sculpted and trimmed differently and leave the facial hair in some parts. For having the barely shaved never trim off the whole facial hair because the whole is hidden in the facial hair. From distance, it looks like there is no hair but the trick is to trim the hair with the lowest setting of the trimmer each day. This beard style is preferable for the fair complexion.

Bald man beard style

The bald beard goes with no hair; this is the classic beard which never turns out of fashion. Especially this kind of beard style is meant for black men who have baled head but still passionate for the beard. Black men grow beards thick till the edge of the jawline and the ears and no hair is encouraged in that portion. Even many of them to get this type of beard style are cleaning their hair for the perfect bald beard look.

Circle beard style

Circle beard is another beard style which looks great on any facial appearance. In circle beard, the small strip is sculpted from the jawline to ears and goatee. This beard style looks great for black men and the whole beard is rounded from chin to moustache. This look is great for the people who want to keep the things mysterious and sophisticated.

Split beard style

In split beard, the full and thick beard is grown, which extends to the chin and split into two parts. This killer beard style is great and it is widely used in Pirates of Caribbean movies. Generally, black men go for this beard style when they want to look wild but it still looks cool on every face.

The stubble beard

Mid-range stubble is the beard style popular for black men. To get this kind of look you have to leave the facial hair for 7 days and then it is sculpted accordingly for the stubble look. This look is not exactly like the five o’ clock shadow but the similarity is there in both the beard styles for black men.

The Ducktail beard style

Ducktail beard is not the neckbeard; this beard style was very much popular in recent years. To get the exact look of ducktail beard, the chin hair should grow longer and resemble the tail of duck and then trim it accordingly to get the ducktail look. This combination of beard style looks great with jeans and tee or with sunglasses and business suit.

Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi beard needs the facial hair to grow below the chin in the shape of letter U. It depends how much U look anyone wanted to give the Garibaldi beard. In this kind of beard style, the mortal men cannot handle it.

Mini Goatee beard

The mini goatee beard style, choose the men who are passionate about the facial hair because this goatee beard style requires enough facial hair which is again trimmed to get the exact look. This beard style is the smaller one where the strip comes near the nose and some to the chin. Some guys prefer to keep only a tiny patch under the chin.

How to grow beard? - Tips to grow your beard faster than ever

You should be feeling happy to know this that your facial hair growth is much rapid than your scalp hair. It is quite a kind of general knowledge for you by knowing that beard follicles start developing in a baby of five months only. And when a boy attends it's puberty his facial growth is triggered and become active. But it is the very sad thing that some men are unable to have a full beard and even sometimes beard also. Beyond this cause, there are two hormones namely: dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone resembling less secretion in men’s body is the main cause of their fewer beard or even no beard. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) affects the facial hair density and testosterone affects the beard thickness. And if someone's facial hair growth is much faster then it means that the two hormones level is much high. It can be explained in a much scientific way by the below points:

The above mentioned two hormones DHT and testosterone travel within the bloodstream and with the help of the androgen receptor it travels up to the beard follicles.

Keratin is generated within the human body with the help of some macro and micronutrients like minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrate, and fat.

The growth period of your facial hair passes through three phases which are namely: catagen, anagen, and telogen.

How to grow curly moustache

You can speed up your hair growth by maintaining few steps without the use of any beard growth supplements. Below are some measures which will help you to grow your beard really fast:

Start doing exercise now. A proper diet with the combination of regular exercise will for sure trigger your facial hair growth.

It should be kept in mind that your balance diet should be a combination of enough carbohydrate, proteins, vitamin and a good amount of fat in your diet.

Sleep well and try to work on reducing your stress which will in return increase your testosterone and increase your beard growth.

Drink plenty of water which will help you to stay fit and also help you to get rid of patchy facial hair.

How to grow a beard faster? - Mainly for the teenagers

Generally, teenagers who are under the age of 14 to 18 years cannot hold their patience in the matter of growing beard. But it should be kept in mind that nothing can be achieved before its time come. So for the teenagers, it should be kept in mind that their hair growth will start full-fledged when they attend the age of 20. But there is also an exception as some teenage boys can find that their facial growth has started fully fledged when they are only of 14 to 16 years old.

So do not be upset by seeing your friend’s beard, you may be a late bloomer. In the meantime what you can do is you can grow it by taking care of it and if you have the only moustache with no beard then it is also ok, nothing to worry about it. You can choose any type of beard style that we are depicting here. But we will suggest to go with a goatee style. Start trimming the patchy position and give it a nice look. So do not get upset and leave all your concern of how to grow a beard faster, just follow the steps given below:

Pay attention towards your body if you want a full and rugged beard. Maintain a diet which consists of plenty of protein like eggs, meats, beans, etc. Generally, teenagers suffer from various reasons that lead to stress. But teenage boy should keep it in mind that if they want to have a good growth of beard they should sleep properly and try to reduce their stress. Do exercise regularly which shall improve your blood circulation level and thus help in the growth of your facial hair and also do facial scrub once in a week which will remove the dead cells from your face.

Hold on your decision of growing a full beard. As at the very beginning you will face itchiness when your beard had started growing. Let your beard come out fully then go for trimming not before that. And do not think of clean shave stick to your commitment.

If you do not want your facial hair growth to slow done, you can add biotin to your diet as a protein supplement. But do not overdose it and also consult with your physician before starting this supplement in your diet.

Forget about the myth that if you shave or trim your beard then its growth rate becomes double and it becomes thicker and darker. Leave your beard for four to six weeks. Let your beard grow completely. We agree that when attending the third week you feel that some type of forest has grown up in your face and you want to shave it at that point of time. But leave your beard for the time being and see the result. When you have reached the sixth week then give your beard a shape whichever you like from our beard style collection.

Take care of your beard by using moisturizer and also apply conditioner after doing the beard shampoo. Choose your beard shampoo which will contain tea tree oil. This will not only give the beard a silky and fluffy look but will also help in your beard growth.

How to grow beard faster – Extreme ways

If you are too eager to grow your beard faster, then here are some scientific ways by which you can grow your beard in a much faster way.

Mustache thin

Minoxidil (Rogaine) - This will help in increasing the beard growth hormones.

Micro-needling- It triggered the growth of your facial hair by improving the circulation of the beard in your face.

Red light therapy: It is not a much-known beard treatment. Scientifically it is known that it will help in the improvement of blood circulation in the beard follicles.

Beard Transplant: It is a known and extreme beard treatment in which your hair will be transplanted in your face. It is a sure technique to grow the facial hair but it is a much expensive technique.

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