Man hair mustache. 20 Best Patchy Beard Styles for Indian Men, Tips and Styling Ideas

Patchy Beard Styles. Growing a good beard which not only suits the face but also uplifts a man’s personality is among the top goals of men. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a perfect patchy beard comes after struggles of some good amount of years. However, we have good news for all the Indian men! Mustache styles indian.

We have gathered some great styles and tips to grow and make your patchy beard look just perfect.

How to Grow and Style a Patchy Beard for Indian men

Give it time to grow. Yes! a lot of men complain that the beard isn’t coming out right well or advice is be patient and let it grow completely.

You will tend to notice it more than other people, so you have to let go of the fears regarding your beard.

As you age the beard will fill in more, this is a natural phenomenon. So there is no need to sweat on why can’t you grow certain style of patchy beards.

Also, remember that beards don’t grow uniformly so you’ll need to trim it pretty often in order to grow it in the right way.

Comb your facial hair so they look subtle and tamed instead of letting them grow unruly.

↓20: Focus on the Chin Area

Indian men can look their best if they just focus on their chin facial mask. You can focus on the chin, let the hair be thicker on the chin and let the hair grow lighter (or you can keep trimming them regularly) on the sideburns. RECOMMENDED: Beard Styles for Asian Men-20 Best Beard looks for Asian Men

The walrus mustache

↓19: The Semi-Formal Look

Indian men highly focus on their semi-formal and formal looks, and they are sure of making a prominent mark. The ideal way to carry their patchy beard is with a vibrant coloured button-down shirt and a dress pant. For the beard make sure it is medium or small stubble instead of a long and rugged beard.

↓18: For the Gentlemen

A lot of gentlemen, especially in the South Asian region are not convinced that patchy beard is meant for them, however, we can proof them wrong. A french beard style facial hairstyle along with medium length hair styled in soft spikes from the forehead is the ideal way to carry the look. RECOMMENDED: Professional Beard Styles-20 Facial Hairstyle for Businessmen

↓17: Hairstyle with Patchy Beard

For young boys experimenting with new styles is a hobby, for them, we can give the best hairstyle recommendation with their patchy beard. Go for medium length hair or even a little longer would do, hair which covers your neckline and that’s it, you’ll rock the whole look.

↓16: Keeping it All Formal

From attending business meetings to attending weddings, Indian men want to keep one style which they can carry everywhere. A good solution for this is to keep a short stubble or short goatee which they can pull off well with their suit coats and shades. Here’s a simple to follow guide on How to Trim a Beard- Step by Step Tutorial and Trimming Tips

↓15: Keeping it Minimal

Some men are not a fan of having a full beard, thus a french beard or a goatee only on the chin area is minimal yet the best way to rock a patchy beard, however, they’ll have to make sure that they keep the sideburns clean at all times.

↓14: The Easy Solution for Young Boys

Young boys usually complain regarding the growth of their facial hair, but also want to keep a beard so they can achieve the mature look, for them we suggest that keeping a medium stubble is the easiest way to look mature and impress others! Check out these cool Patchy Beard Styles- 40 Best Patchy Facial Hairstyling Ideas

↓13: The Gentlemen’s Stubble

There is a whole debate which goes on stubble beards, whether they look nice or not, or whether gentlemen can pull it off or not? Well, we say yes gentlemen can easily pull off stubble beards but they have to ensure that their stubble (be it short/ medium or long) is tamed and trimmed at all times.

Types of mustaches

↓12: Patchy Beard for Young Indian Boys

Young boys can also benefit from the full beard style. They can keep a full beard but as they don’t generally have bushy hair so they can keep it short. This is ideal for college going students. Here’s How to Fix Patchy Beard; 7 Tips to fix Patchy Facial Hair

↓11: The Ideal Sharp Look

Men in their late 20s to late 40s usually have developed a very strong personality and to add more charm to their looks they can opt for a full beard with a connected mustache, which is medium length. This will add more sharpness to the look and make you look more admirable.

↓10: The Special Event Look

In South Asian region most of the people consider that men always dress up similarly and can be styled in the same way at a different type of events. With the passage of time this norm has been broken and for special events, men opt for different styles, for a special event where you have the lead you can opt for a van dyke style beard which is neatly trimmed to make you look more handsome. RECOMMENDED: Clubbing Outfits For Men-19 Ideas on How to Dress for the Club

↓9: The All Time Classic Look

For men who want something which will look best at all times, then a simple medium-full beard is the ideal facial hairstyle that can be carried, no matter what age and what occupation you have!

↓8: The Cool Dude

Men can experiment with their dressing, wearing plain shirts over denim and adding colorful scarves can give them charm but for more additional charm they must have the rugged look to their personality which can be added by having a patchy beard.

↓7: The Full Beard Swag

No one will disagree with the fact that full beards have its own charm which can never be lost. To add more swag to your personality you can grow your hair longer, almost shoulder length and tie them in a man bun to look more ravishing.

↓6: The Goatee Beard

For men who remain confused which style will suit them or not, especially in an Indian culture where a drastic change may not be accepted easily, for such men a plain goatee adds the instant magic. RECOMMENDED: Celebrities Goatee Styles; These 20 Actors Who Love Goatees

80s mustache styles

↓5: The One Side Disconnected Hair with The Beard

College or school going boys can also benefit from various haircuts which can also enhance their bearded look. One side disconnected haircut can add charm yet keeping the look subtle.

↓4: The Rugged Look

Many men can benefit from the rugged look, which includes medium length hair with a full beard and a disconnected mustache. This look is the most admirable by women. Here are some more Rugged Outfits for Men-17 Latest Men’s Rugged Clothing Style

↓3: The Softer Look

For all the men who want to appear softer and not look very harsh and sharp can opt for the type of beard which has a connected mustache, the key trick is to add a full beard to your french beard thus giving an image of a softer look.

↓2: The Wedding Guest Look

As a guest, you also need to look tamed down and very well composed, make sure along your dressing your facial hair also look that way. Opt for a short stubble which can go well with your overall look. Check out these Semi Formal Wedding Attire For Men-20 Best Semi Formal Outfits

↓1: The Patchy Winter Beard

Winter brings a lot of difficulty for those who are low maintenance and they need styles and ideas which are easy doing. For men like these a short full beard with a disconnected moustache is the ideal style to carry around, which will make them look attractive along being well composed!
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