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La beard without mustache is one of the ways to carry this cool face that has become so fashionable in recent years. The different types of beard have been made very popular among both young and old, to the point that Barbershops have multiplied in our streets. Goatee without moustache called.

However, the beard without a mustache is a very old style that has been worn by such important and well-known characters as Abraham Lincoln. This has even given its name to one of its modalities, as we will see. Therefore, we can say that it is a whole classic among those who like to wear a beard and we are going to explain everything you need to know about it.

Beard without a mustache, a bit of history

Growing this type of beard is a very old custom. In fact, it was characteristic of the Phoenician-Canaanite peoples, which they wore along with long, flowing hair. Thus, they were distinguished from the Assyrians and Babylonians, who left it complete, that is, with a mustache, and applied tongs to curl it. Likewise, they added long and curly hair.

Subsequently, the beard without a mustache it was carried by the Egyptians of the predynastic period, by the Greeks of the archaic period and by the Etruscans. However, oddly enough, it disappeared from faces until the XNUMXth century. In this, a fashion of wearing a beard similar to the current one was introduced. Men began to leave it in different formats.

One of them was this type of beard. It became especially popular with the sailors, hence it is also called, precisely, whaler's or sailor's beard. It is said that they had a curious reason for shaving their moustache. As his diet included a lot of fish, the smell of it stayed for a long time, precisely, in the mustache. Hence they removed it.

Beard and mustache combo

This beard is also common among the faithful of certain Islamic currents, that they leave it because they think it was the one that carried Muhammad. Likewise, there is another religious group that has nothing to do with Islam, but carries it. we talk about the american amish. Traditionally, they wear it after being baptized, since they receive this sacrament as adults.

In any case, the beard without a mustache is currently a cool It is carried without any kind of religious connotation. simply, is carried for aesthetic purposes. However, it is less comfortable than a full beard, since you have to shave the cheeks and mustache to keep it looking good. But, perhaps, more than this historical question, you will be interested in knowing who favors y what types of this beard can you leave.

Who favors this type of beard

Logically, anyone can wear this kind of beard. However, depending on the shape of the face they have, it will suit them better or worse. In general terms, rounds the face. Because of that, We recommend it if you have a long face, diamond-shaped. As we say, it helps you expand the sides of the chin and gives harmony to your face. In any case, growing this kind of beard is more a matter of taste than facial lines.

Types of beards without a mustache

As you can do with any kind of beard, the one that is left without a mustache can also be more or less long and, likewise, more or less bushy. But, apart from this, we can talk about different kinds of beards without a mustache.

Moustache march

Perhaps the most popular is the call lincoln beard because that famous president of United States. Basically, it consists of leaving the hair on the part near the neck and on the lower cheeks, but shaving the upper part of the latter. Also, do not let your hair grow too long. If this full freedom is left to develop, we are facing another type of beard. It is precisely the so-called amish, characterized by its length and width. Curiously, this form has been copied by the hipster collective.

An intermediate form between the two previous ones is called arab beard. Basically, it matches in shape, but is slightly longer than the first and much shorter than the second. Also, in this case, make a U shape in the face. Different is the beard curtain. If you want to wear it, you have to leave your facial hair from your sideburns to your chin in a kind of thick line. A variant of this is the beard necklace, which is essentially identical, except that the hair is left under the jaw, between it and the neck.

Other forms of beard without a mustache

The above are the main beard styles by shaving the mustache. But you can also leave it with other ways that coincide, precisely, with beards that include a mustache. For example, the so-called medium or lazy style beard. It consists of leaving the hair for a few days, but shaving the mustache. By its very nature, this modality will only last a few dates. Then you will have to remove it for it to grow back.

We can tell you as much about the goatee or goatee. As you may have guessed, it is achieved by shaving the mustache and cheeks, but leaving the hair on the chin. In turn, this modality can be worn with more or less long facial hair. And more curious will be the one known as padlock beard. It consists of creating a figure similar to this object with the hair on the upper part of the chin.

Moustache design

On the other hand, the success of the beard nowadays has led stylists to create others looks more daring. Regarding these, we must mention the outlined beards creating geometric figures and even drawings. However, if you want to wear one of these styles, you will have more work. In some cases, you will not even be able to maintain it yourself, you will have to visit the barber frequently to have it profiled for you.

In conclusion, the beard without mustache it's just one of the outfits you can adopt if you want to wear facial hair. However, although there are people who wear it, it is not as fashionable as the different types of beards with a mustache. In any case, if you take care of her can give you a very interesting aspect.
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