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Thomas William Selleck, also popularly known as Tom Selleck, is a famous movie and T.V. star. He was famous in the 80s era for his work in Magnum P.I. as well as FRIENDS. He was very famous among the women for his appealing looks and style. Tom selleck mustache style. Tom selleck mustache style. Tom selleck mustache style.

Tom Selleck’s mustache style was also widely popular among men, and men were often seen sporting his famous style. You can also trim your mustache with the below-given steps to make your mustache look exactly like Tom Selleck. Changing the style of your beard and mustache will bring a welcome change to your looks, also allowing you to freshen up things.

Things Required To Grow A Tom Selleck Moustache

You will need some basic and essential grooming items to carry out this beard and mustache style. All the things that you will need in the steps given below are listed here as

A medium or fully grown mustache.

Beard Balm: Honest Amish has a great product in this category

Eyeliner: Try the one from L’Oreal Infallible

Beard Comb: Try the Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Trimmers: BaBylissPRO Barberology is a nice product.

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How to trim your mustache thin

Step-by-Step: How To Grow A Tom Selleck Moustache

One of the most important tips you must follow if you want a mustache, just like Tom Selleck, is not to rush things. Take proper time to grow your mustache and then start acting on it to get a mustache just like Tom Selleck. His mustache has been of the same style for the past years, and it has a mop-like and thick style. If you lack the proper volume of hair to pull off this style, you can also use beard oil to promote hair growth.

How to make a mustache look thicker

This mustache is in a horizontal shape and leaves a tiny space of skin right above your upper lip. People who genetically have a thick and bushy beard and mustache hair make it easier for them to sport this style. However, even if you have a patchy beard or mustache, you will still be able to pull off this mustache style with the steps given below.

You can keep this unique mustache style to gather and hold onto all the attention. It is certainly an iconic and cool style of facial hair. Sporting this look will bring back the nostalgic vibe for a lot of people. You can even cosplay as Tom Selleck with his mustache style. This look is a unique mixture of cool and bold vibes, due to which you will impress a lot of people.


This facial hairstyle only requires you to have a bushy and thick mustache. To completely pull off this style, you will have to clean-shave your beard as well as the sideburn area on your face. After completing this step, you will have to grow out your mustache.

Until your mustache reaches a medium or long hair length, you should not interfere or trim it. To grow a Tom Selleck mustache, it is ideal that you let your hair grow out at least for a few weeks. A classic thick horizontal mustache on an otherwise clean-shaven face will give you the retro look of the 80s.


This procedure’s next step requires you to have a beard or mustache comb along with special beard trimmers. You will need to style your mustache in a specific look and style to resemble Tom Selleck’s look.

Gently comb the hair of your mustache so that all your hair becomes straight and even. Combining your hair will introduce uniformity and give a definite structure to your mustache. You can choose a perfect beard comb from the wide variety of options available online.


This step of trimming the mustache requires you to be very careful and cautious. You need to trim all the edges around your mustache to have an even and crisp look. You can even use an electric trimmer to even out the bottom edges of your mustache. All your mustache hairs must be in a straight line to get the Tom Selleck look.

To get the best outcome, you must always cut your mustache when it is completely dry instead of wet. This is because when your mustache is wet, you are more likely to cut your hair short than it is required to. For making your skin and hair soft after trimming, you can use special gels and creams that make your skin smooth and soft.

Chin beard no moustache

You are required to apply special beard balm on your mustache in this step. Applying beard balm will make your mustache look crisp and fresh. These balms operate similarly to hair gel. You can also use this beard balm for styling your mustache.

The classic pointy or triangle-shaped ends of your mustache will start to resemble the mustache of Tom Selleck. The pointy ends of your mustache must point upwards from the starting position of your mouth to complete the look.


If the hair volume on your mustache is not enough and it appears to be patchy instead of bushy and thick, then you can take the help of an eyebrow pencil. Using this eyebrow pencil, you can fill the spots between the patches to make your beard look like it has a dense volume.

The color of the eyeliner you choose must have the same color shade as your hair. If the color does not match your mustache hair, everyone would easily identify the real hair from the fake ones. To increase the growth of facial hair, you can also seek beard oils containing special ingredients.

How To Maintain A Tom Selleck Moustache?

After all the growing and grooming of a mustache, it is also very important that you take proper care of your mustache once you are done with its styling. With proper maintenance and care of your mustache, you can retain this style for a long time with minimal effort.

Most popular beard and mustache styles

Regularly shaving your face, sideburns as well as trimming the edges of your mustache will prevent your Tom Selleck mustache from losing its shape or form. Regularly combing the hair of your mustache with a beard comb will also maintain the crispy and fresh look of your mustache. This look was a symbol of a strong and macho person back in the 80s.


The above-explained steps will help you to grow a Tom Selleck mustache. By following the simple steps and procedure, you too can attain the looks of a famous T.V. personality. His mustache style was a bit unique that may suit and improve your looks as well. So it is always a good option to try different styles and looks as you never know until you try and find out for yourself.

Perfect mustache trim

Although growing a Tom Selleck mustache will take some time and patience, your mustache hair’s length is not long to a certain length. Until it is, you would have to wait and let the hair grow. The time taken to grow a Tom Selleck mustache depends from person to person as different people have different speeds of growing their hair.


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