How to have a thicker mustache. 35 Black Men Beard Styles, List23: Latest U.S. World News

There is no limit to the number of different beard styles that black men may choose. However, there is no doubt that some cuts are preferable to others. In this article, we will highlight the most popular black men's beard styles that will never fade due to their ability to mimic skin color in a unique, masculine, and classy appearance. How to mustache styles.

Check out the best black man beard styles for ideas and inspiration to grow out your facial hair!

Beards in Full Shape

The whole beard is the first and foremost item on our list of black beard styles. This classic style has all the macho of a beard with little maintenance. This style also has an instant sense of maturity and confidence suitable in any social context.

For a full beard, allow your beard to grow to at least one inch long at all points, trimming it to fit your natural jawline contours. Sideburns and mustache are optional for this style.

Beards with short hair

The short beard encourages your beard to grow out wherever possible. The only difference lies in the length of the hairs: a short beard will typically be a half inch or shorter in all locations. This style evokes the same masculinity as the full beard, without necessarily causing an appearance of age perfect for young black guys.

Nice mustache styles

Allow your beard to grow out wherever it wants to, just by trimming the length to less than half an inch.

Goatee Styles

The black man goatee is a popular beard style among men of all races and ethnicities that draws attention to the jawline and cheekbones. If those are features you're proud of and willing to display, the black man goatee would be a great option.

Grow your beard on only the tip of your chin, as a goatee. Its up to you how long you want to grow it, and whether or not to tie it with a mustache.

Mustache Styles

Are you interested in learning more black facial hair styles? The mustache is another popular style in which a mans mustache is grown thick or thin to complement a clean-shaven face or small beard. Thin, this modern approach shows off youthfulness and open-mindedness; thick, this traditional approach adds macho for those who prefer not to have a heavy beard.

Wild west mustache

For a thinner appearance, shave most, if not all, of your facial hair clean. Only a tiny mustache should grow between your nose and mouth. Leave the hairs longer for a thicker appearance.

Beard Van Dyke

Your cheeks are left clean-shaven while you wear a pointy mustache and a small goatee for the Van Dyke beard. All of the time with absolute elegance. This is black man's facial hair done right.

Be sure to keep your cheeks clean for this beard style. Grow a traditional goatee on your chin with a thick, pointed mustache above. Allowing the hair just below your lips to grow is optional.

Beard of Stubble

The stubble is our last black beard style. It's a simple and low-maintenance method to get that extra facial interest and masculinity of a beard.

Unique mustaches

Start with a light shave every week or two, which will only ever allow a stubble to form, and will make shaving quick and easy. If you wish to, you may always completely remove unwanted facial hair.

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