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If you have a patchy beard, this guide will show you how to fix your patchy beard and get the thick, full beard you always wanted. While genetics can play a role, some of the problems for uneven facial hair may be resolved. How to trim your mustache thin.

Whether you want to fill in a patchy beard with ideas and tricks, or to brainstorm ways to grow a whole beard without patches and bald spots, this guide has you covered. Here are the best methods to fix your patchy beard natural.

Patchy Beard Causes

Different reasons exist for uneven facial hair growth, from genetics and hormonal imbalances to stress and fungal infections. It may also be genetics, but this isn''t something you can modify or fix.

If you used to be able to grow a full beard and suddenly are experiencing sluggish growth, it might be time to take a deep look at your lifestyle and what you have changed. Similarly, a visit to your doctor might offer the quickest outcome.

Ultimately, determining why your beard is patchy may assist you in taking the appropriate measures to address the problem.

Grow A Long Beard

One of the best methods to disguise a patchy beard is to stay long enough that the sparse areas are no longer visible. However, if you have always wanted full facial hair, growing a thick long beard may be beneficial to cover up patchy items.

The reason this technology is that the thin spots of your beard that are stacked with growth will obscure the skin, tricking the eye into believing its entire appearance.

The hair will get long enough to conceal the patchiness, but if you are able to complete the first month, your house will be free.

On the plus side, while going through the difficult phase of growing out your beard, you may always try some of the other methods to correct patchy facial hair.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

If a bushy beard isn''t the look you want, then this is another great patchy beard solution that is to keep things looking sleek and trim. It''s only beneficial to have a mix of long and short hair in your beard to exaggerate the difference and draw the attention to the unnatural growth.

How to cut mustache

It''s easy to shave your entire beard so it''s only two or three days after you get back on track. Set your shaver to a 2- or three guard and shave the whole thing.

The goal is to keep it long enough that it looks deliberate (and not like you slept through your alarm), but short enough that the patches arent obvious.

Clean Up The Edges

One of the best methods to mitigate this is to clean up the edges. By trimming your sideburns, shaving your neck, and cleaning up the cheeks and mustache, you will be drawn away from your inability to grow a thick beard and toward your clean-cut, sleek look.

One of the benefits to this technique is that a specific look with straight, defined edges gives the illusion of a more angular cheek and jawline.

Even Out Your Patchy Beard

Another method to even out your beard is to try what is most easily described as beard contouring. Despite this being not the easiest to try at home, it may be done with a good beard trimmer or detailer.

The goal of this article is to individually target the longer hair around the sparse patches and combine the two lengths together. This gives you the benefit of smoothing the patchiness without losing too much length.

If youre feeling concerned about your beard contouring abilities, head to your barber and they''ll always do it for you.

Good Beard Care

However, maintaining healthy habits for your beard will not guarantee new growth, but it will make your beard look smooth and fresh and diminish the annoying curls that accentuate patches.

It is important to use foods that aren''t just for your beard, but also for your face. This skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your head, so using a spraybrush in the shower is your best choice.

How to properly trim a mustache

A top-rated beard oil and balm can keep moisture during the day, reducing the wet havoc.

Choose The Best Beard Styles

A number of beard styles may be utilized to hide a patchy beard. Depending on whether your patchiness is on your cheeks, facial hair options such as the fashionable Balbo or clean-cut Royale will work for you.

A traditional mustache or edgy mutton chops might be fantastic if you are dealing with growth on your chin. There are so many great patchy beard styles that might be a fashionable look for your face.

Shade Inside The Lines

If nothing else is giving the look you desire, you may always get an eyebrow pencil to shade your patchy spots. It''s the same technique as penciling in your eyebrows to appear thicker, but by lightly shading the areas without hair youll create the illusion of homogeneous growth.

Make sure you choose the right color if you don''t feel confident in your ability to color match. Take a friend to provide a second opinion or head somewhere like Sephora to get a color match from one of the artisans on hand.

Eat To Grow

You need to provide your body with the vitamins necessary for healthy hair growth to give yourself the best chance of getting a full beard.

Non only are vitamin deficiencies linked to hair loss, but an unhealthy diet can also harm your beard.

If you want to fix your patchy beard, please stick to your food regularly and make sure youre is not exceeding your daily recommended vitamin intake.

Niacin (vitamin B3) is essential to healthy skin and hair development, so make sure you pick up niacin-rich foods such as chicken breasts, pork, tuna, avocado, and peanuts.

Mo moustache

Dont Use Minoxidil On Your Face

While Minoxidil is considered a miracle cure for hair loss on your head, it is extremely important that it bent applied on your face without express guidance from a dermatologist.

Men who use these tools on their faces on the internet are entitled to great rewards, but Minoxidil is a powerful medication that isn''t intended for use on the face.

There is also possibility that the short-term side effects may be deadly, but your face is far more porous than the scalp, implying you may absorb harmful amounts of the chemical into your bloodstream.

Patchy Beard Fix

Remember to maintain and groom your beards regularly for healthy growth:

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