Cool facial hair styles. Hairy guys, rejoice: it will be a hot summer -

If you look at the new hot albums of the year, whether it’s with Weeknd and Bad Bunny, Dan Bejard’s latest batch of songs Destroyer or the latest version of Father John Misty, you’ll see a lot of uproar. Less than a week goes by, I don’t see a photo of hairy King Robin Williams in Instagram guy by style. Hair on the chest, hair on the beard, hair on the arms, mostly unkempt hair: you see it everywhere, and it’s gorgeous. This is the summer of the bitter man. Hot guys with mustaches.

I don’t think everything has been so hairy since the 1970s, when it seemed like all the bets were justified. Icons of films like James Caan to Elliott Gould were hairy. Patty Smith showed off her hairy dimples on the cover Easter. Marvin Gaye spent a decade going from a pure soul singer to an icon of all time with his face covered with a beard.

Everything changed in the 1980s when a clear look returned, with the exception of a few striking examples such as Tom Seleck and Bert Reynolds. In the 90s there was a revival of respect for hair on the chest: in 1991 GQ The item, “Tuft Guys,” claimed that “hairy breasts are back – at least if the list of leading people shows it.” By the turn of the century, mustaches and beards were back in trend, but it felt that way: a trend not like a restaurant adding bacon to every menu item.

How to groom a mustache

But this new wave feels different. Hair everywhere. I see vintage basketball jerseys worn by guys with hair on their shoulders. Bald guys with impressive beards, like Jason Jules or Action Bronson, are models for Drake’s and Aimé Leon Dore. Whether you have a chest rug or not, everywhere from Abercrombie & Fitch to Gucci, there is a shirt with a hiking collar that needs to be worn open and unbuttoned. Look at the guys that the spa clothing brand Dandy Del Mar uses for its advertising: hair, hair and more hairstyles. I say this without a bit of irony: it’s nice to see.
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