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We all love a good mustache. It does not only make us look good but helps in growing our confidence. But to be honest, growing a mustache requires more than just building. There are a series of numerous things to consider while achieving the desired look, and one should keep all of them into consideration. Thinking about the types of mustaches, the shape, the density, and the styling of your mustache matter a lot. Kinds of mustaches.

So if you are planning to keep the perfect mustache which will be suitable for you then make sure you factor in everything. There are numerous styles of mustaches which you can save today. And it is essential to choose the best out of the lot. It is the correct time to learn the art of trimming so that you can get your mustache shape right. Below we look at the six popular types of mustaches which you can think of keeping next.

The Classic Types Of Mustaches

• The Chevron Mustache: When it comes to various types of mustaches, the chevron is undoubtedly a classic. It comprises of a thick and full mustache which covers the top tip. This looks good on people who are looking for a classic look. It requires low maintenance and requires a little bit of trimming. It is on the bushier side can seem a bit heavy.

• The Classic English Mustache: This style has comparatively longer hairs and has a partition in the middle of it. It lies down just above your top lip. It can be suitable for everyone, be it businessman, or students or graduates. It is not that difficult to keep and maintain. These types of mustaches require a lot of time to grow. It also needs extra detailing and precision while trimming.

Moustache type

• The Handlebar Style: This is one of the oldest and most classic types of mustaches. It curls upward from both the ends with the help of styling wax. It is tough to maintain and requires a lot of details as well as precision. This is suitable for people who have plenty of time for styling.

The Trendy Styles

• The Horseshoe Mustache: As the name suggests, it comes with a horseshoe shape. It looks exactly like a goatee only without the chin part. It is effortless to grow and requires comparatively less maintenance. But it does not suit everyone and is difficult to pull off. So if you are planning to keep one, you better first check the suitability.

• The Pencil Mustache: These types of mustaches have a line over your upper lip. The range is hugely trimmed and is very thin, just like a pencil. It requires frequent and precise trimming and is extremely hard to pull off.

Well trimmed mustache

• The Walrus Mustache: As the name suggests, this style is bushy, just like a walrus. It is similar to the chevron, but slightly more overgrown and round. It is incredibly thick and sometimes can even cover your mouth. It is moderately difficult to maintain and does not require regular trimming.
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