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If you’re just starting out in the community of mustache devotees, you might be a bit confused as to what style to go for and which one would fit you just right. Your concern is normal and well placed. Because having a cool mustache is largely dependent on the shape of your face, the direction your facial hairs grow, and the way you take care of them when they’re grown. To know the best way to grow a mustache, read our article “Mustache-Growing Tips for Men”. While you do that, it is important to familiarize yourself with the common and most famous mustache styles. So that you can know which one would work for you. Tom selleck mustache style.

Here I’ve compiled 7 of them. Keep reading to know more.

1. Natural Mustache

This style is for everyone and anyone, for any type of hair and shape of face. As the name implies, a natural mustache is one allowed to just grow without any alteration, permutation, or combination. If you’re the be-you type of person, this is your thing. It is a short, not-too-bushy, not-too-thin, real, and no-nonsense mustache style.

2. The Fu-Manchu Style

The name “Fu-manchu” is gotten from the villain of a British writer, Sax Rhomer's novels. It is a slim pencil-like that goes down the sides of your face from the top of your lips till it gets to the jaw.

3. Horseshoe Mustache

This style was worn by the famous but retired wrestle Hulk Hogan. It is like the fu-manchu style but thicker.

Handsome man with mustache

4. Handlebar Mustache

This mustache style is an English-style mustache. The style is characterized by a little curl at the edges. To get this style, don’t trim the hairs just above the mouth. Let it grow out. Then use mustache wax to twirl the edges up to give them curls.

5. Pencil Mustache

This style of mustache is pencil-thin; that is, it looks like a thin line drawn above the upper lipe with a makeup pencil. Exactly like the style R.Kelly has on.

6. Boxcar Mustache

This is a simple mustache style. It follows a straight line that ends just before you get to the corner of your upper lip. Trimming this style is somewhat technical because you have to be careful so you don’t alter the length of the mustache, one that makes you look like Adolf Hitler. To trim, trim a straight line perpendicular to your upper lip so that it gives you a rectangular shape.

6. The Selleck Mustache

This style was named after the famous TV presenter, Tom Selleck. It is also known as the 'pornstar' to some people. It has full hairs from the lips to the nose and points down at the corners of the upper lip. The corners are trimmed so the mustache doesn’t look like it is hanging.

Moustache grooming tips

So, 7 different mustache styles you can try.

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