Men's mustache and beard styles. 42 Dapper Beard Styles for Bald Men, Bald Men with Beards

Bald men with beards have been always in trend. While being bald was masculine, beard with it adds to the sex appeal. Men and women both love bald men with beard (Yes when she touches you). Although bald men are not common but they are attractive, especially bald men with beards! Generally what bald men do is clean their beard which in the end makes them think even more for their face. I am sure that you don’t want to look like a clown like other bald men. It doesn’t matter whether you grow hair long or short, but what is most important is to choose the right beard style according to your age and face shape. There are great looks which one can look upon and which adds to your personality. You are blessed with thick facial hair guys; following as some of the best beard styles for bald men. Go get it done. Mustache styles for bald.

Beard Styles for Bald Men | Bald Men with Beards

The general beard style is nothing but great! It suits all kinds of personalities and physiques. This is what will always stay in trend. It will never go out of fashion.

The right trimming is what makes it even better. This brings the old cowboy look back on you. It gives a mature look or more of a masculine look.

Mustache is a vintage look that our ancestors had given us an idea of. It’s time to get this on you know(That’s the only thing you will be getting from your ancestors property). Small round curls near the edges of mustache or may be a few hairs just under the lower lip would look great.

Pencil line moustache

Most of the celebs have got it done already. It might seem easy but its not so. Let the beard grow for a week and after that trim the boundaries of your beard to give a more masculine look to it. This category is one of the best beard styles for bald men.

Easy to digest- that is what it looks like guys. Light weight, easy to trim but needs more care. Keep it only a ½ inch as it would be sufficient. Be it any face structure, the beard just brightens up your face.

Does that word still haunt you? Well before getting into trouble, this is just the breakup of the moustache and the beard. Yes you read it right! Disconnect your mustache with the beard and the let beard be pointy at edges. For adding a grace to it make curls at each end of mustache.

Mustache contest

Not as simple as the previous one. Here you need to take care of it. Start early by sweeping at the edges of the mustache. Start combing toward the outward and just grow the beard. Don’t trim it. Remember that slow and steady is what you need to do to achieve this.

We just don’t leave anything in this era. This beard styles for bald men makes one grow full beard without neck hair or the mustache. Start by growing full beard and after some time trim the mustache fully as well as the neck hair which makes your beard look cool.

Those were quite few. Right? Bald men not getting beard makes them look unclosed. The above provided beard styles for men are the excellent way to look stylish and in fashion. Who doesn’t want to get noticed by everyone? Well here is your time guy! The change which you were looking for is here. Let this trend be followed by you and your friends. And remember whatever is different is a trend!

Italian moustache styles
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