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If you have a round face and a bald head, then don’t worry we have shared some amazing 15 styles for you. Mustache styles for bald.

I am sure you would love to read it.

We totally agree with the statement because yes, beard adds more personality, power,strength and manliness to a person. We are not totally against those who have a clean shave, they look good in their own ways but at the end of the day majority is authority and the majority polls for men with beard.

15 Amazing Beard Styles For Bald Head With Round Faces

Now, we all know the fact that trends and fashion changes with time and currently being bald is trending. Yes you read it right, now men are more into being bald with beards. I know at first you will think of it as a very awkward thing but yes it is true that men are now more into the fashion of keeping beard with a bald head because yes, it looks cool and attractive in its own way.

Also, this trend is increasing at a very rapid pace and the pace is a clear indication that this trend of being bald with a beard is not going to end any time soon. So, if you are also one of those men who is quite daring and cool enough to follow such trend then this article is for you.

Today we are going to jot down some of the best beard styles for people with round face shape and a bald head. We actually are trying to cover it all up in this article for you, a bald head, a round face and the desire to have a good looking beard style is about to come true with this article.

People have different shapes of face, some have a oval face, some have a heart shaped face, some have a triangular face and these shapes have a long long list. However, the men who face problems the most when it comes to beard styles are those who have a round face.

You see a round shaped face is quite confusing and you cannot decide properly that which beard style will suit you the most. But again as we said earlier, we are going to help you with everything in this article, from beard styles for round faces to their maintenance, today we have it all here.

1. General Beard

This beard style has clearly no proper name and it is the most common form of beard for men. It requires no difficult maintenance and you simply have to grow your beard along with your mustache till a point where you want it to be. After you know that your beard has reached your desired length you then have to simply trim it from the bottom and make sure that it is equally trimmed.

This bad boy look can do wonders to your overall face even if you are bald so yes it is highly recommended for those who don’t want to struggle much on their beard. Also in order to look more classy you can dye your beard in grey or brown, whatever you think will suit you the most.

2. The Stubble

We’ve talked about this before too, stubble are the most attractive forms of beard because trust me, nothing else can give you that bad boy, handsome hunk look. You see stubble are pretty easy to maintain too and you don’t need to work on them or look out for them on daily basis.

Its just that they need regular trims and in case you want to stay away from all the itching and irritation, you can use some beard oil on them. Overall, stubble go perfectly fine with round face shapes and bald heads. You can now feel pride in being bald by keeping a stubble and pulling off a very very handsome look.

3. Goatee With Mustache

A Goatee can never go out of style specially if its kept with a mustache, you can double up the handsome look of your face cut. If you are looking for an example then you can see the above placed picture of The Rock and let’s face it, he looks pretty dashing with that bald head and the goatee with mustache. It’s a great example of having a circle beard.

Trim mustache over lip

You can also go for a simple goatee but if you want to add a more manly look then we suggest you to have a mustache connected to your far as the maintenance is concerned, this beard style is pretty easy to maintain once you’ve pulled of the perfectly sharp goatee. You just need to trim it on and off to make it look less of a mess.

4. The Van Dyke

This is also a type of goatee where the mustache is not connected with the beard and it is completely separate. The facial hair on the chin are thin and pointy too. The pointy style of the beard is what makes it an exceptional one and people are crushing over this beard style because yes, it suits pretty well on those who have a round face cut.

Also, don’t worry if you are bald because this beard style will somehow bring out the handsome look of your face and your baldness won’t come to notice because the Van Dyke beard style steals the show and people won’t be able to take their eyes off your face.

5. The Full Grown Beard

The full grown beard is also known as the hipster beard and people consider it to be an old style.However, this isn’t the same anymore and now men are considering the full grown beard style to be a fashion statement.

This look can add a lot of personality to you and you can now easily rock this look by being bald. Yes you read it right, the full grown beard looks more appropriate on those who have a bald head and also, a round face cut. The maintenance of this beard is not an issue but styling it surely is and you will have to dedicate a little time to your beard in order to make it look impressive.

6. The Soul Patch

A little pointed patch of beard under your lower lip is one of the most common beard styles among bald men. It will give you an average look and it is specially for those men who don’t want to get in the hustle of keeping a beard.

Furthermore, many people know this beard style as the Howie Mandell’s signature style. Believe it or not, if this person can pull off a handsome look with the soul patch then it shouldn’t be difficult for you too.

7. The Walrus Mustache

If you are bald and in your 40’s then you can try the Walrus mustache beard style, the best part about this style is that it is characterized by whiskers that are bushy, thick and droop too over the mouth.

You may need some wax in order to style this look and also this beard style requires maintenance and trims every now and then so if you are ready to look decent yet classy i your 40’s then you need to try this style for sure.

8. The Chin Puff

You can look cute even if you are bald and the chin puff beard style is a proof that yes, bald men can look super handsome and cute too. All you need to do grow a soul patch that extends all the way down to your chin.

Furthermore, you can double up the look of this beard by keeping a mustache, both disconnected and connected mustaches will help you rock this look. The maintenance of this beard style is pretty easy too and you won’t have to struggle much with the trims and cuts because this style requires no such efforts.

9. The Hollywood

Grow a well groomed of fully grown beard which is connected with your side-burns and compliment this look with the addition of a mustache. It is known as the Hollywood beard because the inspiration of this style came from Hollywood and regarding the maintenance, this beard style need a little more care than normal.

Mustache long hair

10. The Pencil Mustache

Want to pull a cop or police officer look with a mustache? Well, try the pencil mustache because this will genuinely look great with your round face and bald head. It just needs a simple thin line of hair above your upper lip.

This mustache is all about balancing so you better be careful with all the handling and trimmings. Make sure that your mustache is equal from both the sides and also give it a really really good trim in order to make it look and appear good to other.

11. Mutton Chops

It is quite a funny and funky style but it will look good on someone who has a round shape of face. Also, if you are bald too then yes the mutton chops beard style is a must try for you once in a lifetime because trust me you are going to have a good time growing it.

In order to get this look you simply have to let your side burn mutton chops grow all wild and free. You can add mustache to this style too but the traditional mutton chop style requires you to grow your side burns as much as you can.

12. The Klingon

This style is basically a full beard with the upper lip slightly shaved however, the connectors from the beard to the mustache are left totally intact. This beard style gained popularity from the movie Star Trek and it is now trending again so yes it can be a perfect fit for anyone who is bald and also has a round shaped face. In fact men with any face shape can rock this beard style and look charming on a whole another level.

13. Small Goatee

We told you earlier that goatee can never go out of style because there are so many more branches and types of this style that you can easily keep changing and shifting from one style to another. Now, if you don’t want a full beard then no issues because the small goatee is here for you to pull out the best and the most handsome look that you will ever imagine.

For this style you need to grow a soul patch along with a little hair on your keep it trimmed and shaved and you are all set to rock the small goatee. You always have a choice of moustache with a goatee so if you think you need one, keep one.

14. Chin Strap

One of the easiest beard style to maintain, the chin strap beard is trending hot at the moment and especially if you are bald then you definitely should try this beard style as it will add more manliness to your personality and you will look handsome for sure.

So, yes, if you want a beard that is less about struggle and more about good looks then the chin strap is the best style for you. In order to get this beard style you simply need to keep your beard in a strap form and the job is done. Also, this style can help in making your jawline more prominent.

15. Wide Goatee

This goatee is pretty much the same as the classic goatee. The only difference lies in the style if the sideburns that the beard extends towards the sideburns all on you, you can keep the sideburns short too and you extend them to towards the sides. The wide goatee style is pretty much a classy and funky style that will go perfect with someone who has a round face and a bald head.

16. Anchor Beard

Anchor beard is just like a chin strap however there is a bit difference between both the styles. When it comes to the anchor beard you have to keep little steady beard is best for those who have a round face and the reason behind it is that it helps your face appear a bit narrow and your chin will also get highlighted. So, if you are looking forward to a perfect style for your bald head and round face then you should definitely consider this one.

Above we have mentioned all the basic styles that are for people who have a round face and a bald head too. We hope you liked these styles and we suggest that you should definitely try a few out of them. As we told earlier, not only growing a good beard and styling should be your main focus in fact you should learn how to maintain it first.

Beard n moustache styles

Because lets face it, a messy beard with strands of unequal hair and untrimmed hair won’t look good at all and as a matter of fact it can destroy the overall look of your face which is why grooming the beard is more important.

Now, in order to groom your beards, the number one thing you need to do is to buy yourself a good beard shampoo, you can use the common scalp hair shampoo too but if you are more conscious about your beard then we suggest you to buy separate moisturizers and oils for your beard. The market of beard products is now growing at a rapid pace and we do understand the fact that it becomes difficult for you to buy a quality product because yes, everything is just so confusing. However, you no longer have to worry because today we are here with a top quality beard oil that can help you grow a good and stronger beard that is shiny and smooth too.

Yes, you read it right, beard oils can make your beards smooth and you can get rid of the itchiness and the dryness of your skin which is what all men want. So, folks take notes of what we are about to tell you because this beard oil is genuinely a quality product with some quality results.

The Gentlemen’s beard oil is a must try for you specially if you have problems in growing a good and fuller beard then this oil is your problem solver because it helps in stimulating facial hair growth. The best part about this oil is that it has impressed a lot of people and the results with it are guaranteed.

Furthermore, the gentlemen’s beard oil can help you grow a thicker beard and you will no longer fall victim to the patches of beard in fact it will be fuller and bigger by using this oil. This beard oil comes at a very reasonable price too so you don’t have to worry about it being heavy on your budget. It is cheap in price and best when it comes to the quality. The only thing you need to do after applying this oil is to wait because it might take a little time to start showing results.

However this is the best beard product that you can use for a good beard. So if you want to look like a gentlemen then you need to use this oil too. You can also use this beard oil on your bald head and it will help you in growing hair over there too. This product once used, will become your favorite among all the other beard products.

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