Cool beard and mustache styles. Combo 3=1 in barbershop, Mr.Colt, Kyiv

Meeting the needs of our customers, we provide the “Combo 3 = 1” service as a part of a profitable promotion. Our barbers select models of men's hairstyles and haircuts that look harmonious with a certain type of beard. At the same time, they take into consideration many parameters, practicing an individual approach to the client in each individual case. Thanks to them, any emphasis plays an important role in creating the desired look, allowing you to balance hypertrophied facial features and enhance the charisma of a person. Moustache goatee combo.

Style Features

Haircuts in combination with a beard make it possible to create original new look. MR.COLT Barbershop’s stylists can recommend different variations of the combination, focusing on the individual taste of the client, as well as on the features of his hair structure, face type and other accents. Among the huge variety of styles, the most relevant, classically compatible ones should be highlighted:

for the long hair

The choice of haircuts in this case is not so big - very often hair has the same or different levels of length. As a rule, they are worn in a bundle or braided. This style is well combined with the Russian beard, as well as with a mustache of any shape and slightly visible bristles.

for medium length hair

This format looks perfect with bristles, goatee beard. No less successful option would be a Hollywood beard. Among popular haircuts you can choose the following:

Movember mo styles

In this case, the master uses various styling products designed to increase the volume of hair and providing a low and medium degree of fixation.

for the short hair

This combination is the most lucrative, while in such situation you can choose many ideal options:

“boxing” haircut - fits well with a goatee beard or Hollywood beard, or stubble;

Goatee and mustache name

“military” - well combined with goatee beard and can be complemented by a mustache;

“a bold” haircut is very trendy now and guarantees the perfect combination with any beard.

These and other variations provide the right choice of the most optimal combinations - for everyday life and just for a mood. Our masters are well aware about that, offering their services at the highest level. Only experienced professionals are working here, and that is why you have an exceptional opportunity to take advantage of the unique "Combo 3 = 1" offer and significantly save your own money and time.

French mustache
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