Curly moustache name. 30 Ideal Short Hair Beard Combinations for A Killer Look

Versatile and adaptable beard styles with short hair for men can transform a man’s face and entirely change how he looks in T-shirts, jeans or a suit. There was a time when men had little interest in fashion. However, due to social media influence, things have entirely changed, and men have become much sensitive in their looks just as females of this era. Men are following any new trend keenly, especially of facial hair. Short hair with mustache.

Men’s Short Hairstyles With A Beard

Each facial hair trend is different and unique in its way. Therefore, you have to select the suitable beard style depending on your face shape which is the primary factor to consider. Here, we have compiled 30 amazing short hair and beard style combinations for men to look manly.

1. Buzz Cut X Natural Beard

The big natural beard can only be accentuated in one way; the buzz cut. Choosing a buzz cut implies that you will spend just a little time on your hair and more on your beard. There are numerous advantages accrued to this beard cut. You save money used for the regular shaving of the grown-out beards and also the one you spend on hair products. It gives you that look of a badass boss that nobody wants to mess up with. Though keeping this style of beard fresh is demanding, for some men is a joy to have constant maintenance of their beard rather than long hair on their head. This is because their beard is the most dominant feature and therefore all the focus is on it.

This look has been branded “hipster look” by some people. However, does that really have any meaning? This is a perfect option for those men aspiring to have short hair with the long beard. Styling a razor fade side part accentuated with a box beard gives you an excellent counterweighted facial balance. Rocking a big beard gives you an opportunity to style your hair higher embracing a pompadour haircut without necessarily looking like a cartoonist. The box beard complements the added height. Besides, the faded part along the head gives the face an appealing jaw structure regardless of the grown-out beard.

3. Short Sides and Short Back Beard

Maintaining the length of both your hair and beard needs a lot of energy and dedication than you think. However, the combination of this duo, gives you a professional look, making it an ideal style for office workers. Showcasing your ability to style your facial hair well is an indication that you possess proper organizational skills and you have a sense of responsibility compared to someone with a clean cut. This is because keeping short beard and hair neat requires a lot of maintenance and effort. People have an inherent nature to trust men who can take proper care of their general appearance.

This is one of the effortless beard styles for men with short hair. It is nicely augmented with a gorgeous side part hairdo and gives you a more masculine look when compared to a clean-shaven beard. To rock this look, you must make sure that your hair is on point. By supplementing neat side part hairstyle with a stubble, you are revealing that the development of stubble is a sentient decision. However, if you let your hair messy with stubble, you give an impression of someone who is lazy rather than sharp. If groomed well, this is an ideal style for office men, and it is not such a serious look, so you can pull it too for the weekend.

5. Mustache /Stubble Natural Short at The Back and Sides

When mustache disappeared two decades ago from the beard’s fashion, many people thought it would never come back. Well, there is no doubt that the mustache has made a big come back, astonishing everyone. With Movember trending now, there is a possibility that most many will be rocking their Mo into 2019. Many men with short hairstyles with beard are afraid of growing a mustache. By opting for the stubble focus, will not be aimed directly at your mo. Stubble disorients any differentiation between the clean skin and mustache. Going for a fade of the equal length as the stubble gives you an excellent dark frame for the face. It provides a way for the change from the hairline to the front to be extra fluid minimizing your mustache.

6. Viking Beard and Pompadour

The Viking style has tremendously influenced the men’s grooming. Why the haircut is subjugated by man buns, for the men wanting to have Viking style with short hair, they can achieve it by having their hair slicked back. Having your hair at the sides of your head shaven and leaving elongated at the middle accentuates the dimension and allows substantial growth of the beard, producing a clear line from the top head all the way to the end of the beard. You can make the shape of the beard angular by holding it with a beard balm. It can take you long to have a long hair for a man bun, so this is an ideal combo for you to rock Viking look.

Great on style, less on effort, the goatee has continued to be the best choice for the intellectuals, rock stars and all men with a rebellious streak. Generally, it encompasses all the styles that feature hair slightly above the lip and the other on the chin, sometimes taken to serve as a frame for the mouth. To be brief, it is an artistic, chic and villainous twin of the beard. It is suitable for short hairstyles with beard trimmed evenly.

8. Full Beard with Handle Bar Moustache

Beards with handlebar mustaches are not popular styles as they make men look more casual and imperial, and few people prefer this appearance. However, when you pull it off, you will be sure to steal the show. It is an ideal beard style for men with short hairstyles. It is suitable for old folks, and the younger generation may find it uncomfortable to wear.

9. The Short Beard and Brushed Up Thick Hair

A nicer dialed down, and a collectively less lumberjack design of a full beard, this short hair with a beard which is also short is much understated, more versatile and suitable for office guys-ideal for you if you want to impress your boss who is phobic of short hair with a long beard. A short beard looks great alongside a suit during an eight-to-five and also during the weekend at the pub. A well-chopped beard looks great on most shapes of faces, although you may need to alter the angles to show off your best features and hide the worst.

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10. Classic Beard & Faded Side-Part Hairstyle

Not extra short, no too long with thick area coverage, the classic beard is ideal for the men who are dedicated to facial hair. Note that it is not suitable for every man out there. Our advice is that you get a youthful hairstyle to match this beard style which will make it possible for you to give this style a modern meaning. Otherwise, you can opt for a side part with a stout hold pomade to give it the right vintage approach.

11. The Beardstache

Featuring somewhere between the full beard and the stubble, the beardstache is a fusion where the hair mustache is retained fuller and elongated the rest of the hair below the lower lip is shaven. You can also consider it as a version of muttonchop beard.

12. Full Beard & Line Haircut

Just like driving is a rite of passage, so do growing beards. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as it seems. It requires a lot of maintenance and care. Dedicate your time looking after it to get the best look you need.

13. Old Men Short Hairstyle with Full Beard & Handlebar Mustache

Suitable for a narrow chin. This beard style for old men is one of the mainstream facial hair and trendy grey beard haircut today. You need to be careful with the outfit you wear with it.

14. Patchy Beard Styles

The trick to rocking this beard style with short hair is taking a very short shave on the beard or letting it grow to a short length to have a more stylish look.

15. Short Beard & Wavy Thin Hair

A very special short hairstyle with a stubble beard that can snatch any girl’s dream! This is ideal for the men who don’t have much fuller facial hair but want to be in the beard bandwagon club.

16. Bushy Beard and Short Faded Hair

Bushy beard is suitable for the men who want to add more texture and enhance the shape of their face. Also, if you’re going to make your jawline too dominant, this is right beard style for you.

17. Heavy Stubble & Spiky Hair

It is one of the typical beard styles for men’s short hair of all time. Requires low maintenance and you can wear it the length you want. Its rugged appearance makes it preferred by most men.

18. Five O’clock Shadow & Short Pompadour

This was a super common beard style back in the 1980’s. Since then, it is still popular. It is somewhat cleaner than stubble, but again, have that rugged badass look.

19. Long Hipster Beard & Side Part Hair

This is undoubtedly the hottest beard style in 2018. It combines the popular undercut and short haircuts to create the balance of the two textures.

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20. Van Dyke Beard & Thin Curly Hair

It was named after Anthony van Dyck, a renown Flemish painter. The cheeks are shaven entirely leaving only mustache and is one of the men’s short beard style for short hair we can’t get enough of.

Short Hairstyles to Try With Your Beard

Nowadays, the beards are synonymous with style and are a sign of coolness. Therefore, every male wants to experiment with one or two facial hairstyles. Luckily, there are countless styles to choose from. We’ll see how you can style your short hair with a cool beard.

21. Medium Pompadour With Full Beard

This short full beard for men with short hair is suitable for the working-class guys who like full-beards but still need to look professional at the workplace.

22. Short Faded Spiky Hairstyle with The Full Stubble Beard

The fades have become part of beard styling nowadays. This fade style matches well with the short fade hair, as the kinks are kept short.

23. The Italian Look

Choose this beard style if you are confident enough to pull it off.

24. Spike Hairstyle with Bushy Beard

Some a little bit of buzzes on this short hair with long beard style changes the full beard into a gorgeous and bold look as shown below. The subtle mustache makes the style cuter.

25. Wavy Side-Parted Hair With Short Full Beard

Another amazing beard style for short-haired men. This is an edgy, clean and more youthful beard haircut that needs careful trimming to perfect it.

26. The Blonde Hair & Bearded Look

This is one of the casual beard styles which you can go for a week without bothering them. It is ideal for men either with short or medium hair.

27. Bold and Thick

This is a pretty popular short hair with a bearded look nowadays. The robust and bold look showcases a very confident appearance.

It resembles short and tapered, but this has an extra fleshed out appearance at the front. Works best with short hair. Allow the sideburns to grow out untouched into a healthy beard without the fade.

Handlebar moustache styles

29. The Uniform Hair & Beard

The name tells everything about this facial hairstyle with short hair. The style has the same length throughout. It is indeed not one of the extended beards.

30. Sexy and Short Goatee With Short Spiky Hairstyle

The contemporary sensual beard style for any man to rock before this year ends and attract the attention of all beautiful ladies around with its inexplicably charming look.

So, there you have thirty beautiful beard styles for men with short hair and different face shapes and sizes as well. Regardless of who you would like to imitate, whether a workplace professional or a holly hood actor, you are sure there is a beard style that will help you accomplish that.

We hope that this beard guide has given you the right direction or some inspiration in getting your new style to match your short hairstyle with the beard for an appealing look. Just a minute bro, where is 31

beard style? We would like to hear that one from you!
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