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A standard type of beard style is the combination of Mustache and soul patch. The Soul Patch beard style with a mustache will give anyone a sophisticated appearance. Styling your mustache is a neat way to look sophisticated and when you shape it up combining with the soul patch beard style it will look stunning. Mustache with soul patch name.

What Is Soul Patch Beard?

A simple, minor patch of beard that grows up in the central part of your lower lip as well as the chin is called a Soul Patch beard style. However, do not confuse it with the Chin Puff beard style, as the Soul Patch beard style creates a precisely groomed and square-shaped patch of facial hair that doesn’t extend off your chin, nor extend into a sharp end at the lowermost part of the chin. Stevie Ray Vaughan was recognized for his personal exclusive take on the Soul Patch beard style by having it triangular and small, naming it the “soul tip”.

History of Soul Patch Beard Style

While this beard type might appear modern; but in reality, the beard style came from John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie, a fabulous jazz musician. Throughout his period of time, his trademark beard style took up the name the of “Dizzy Gillespie beard” before sooner or later being merely called “Jazz Dab.”

With time this Soul Patch beard style grew its origins in the fashion industry of the 50s & 60s, and even grew popularity with several artists such as The Blue Brothers.

How to Combine Mustache And Soul Patch?

Soul patch beard style can be measured as the coolest type of beard style without mustache to grow. And at the same time, it is quite tough to take care of the small soul patch style. As you’ll have to make one thing sure that the rest of the face is neatly shaved. Or else, your soul patch beard style will get lost against that stubble background.

Painter's brush mustache

However, some people prefer the soul patch beard style with a dash of mustache. YES, you heard me right. You can also combine mustache and soul patch beard style to look stunning. A dash of mustache will make your look more masculine. So, let’s find out some of the best mustache and soul patch beard styles below…

Best Mustache And Soul Patch Beard Styles:

There’s no restriction to the quantity of ways you can don a soul patch. With or without a mustache, goatee beard style, beard style without sideburns, short or long hair, full beard without mustache, the soul patch is adaptable for any men’s style. Growing a soul patch all alone is best for making a slim and smooth appearance, while joining it with increasingly facial hair can make a rich look appropriate for more established folks.

Whatever your ideal look, there’s most likely a soul patch style with your name on it. Look at these photos for various approaches to develop and trim a soul patch for thoughts! Correspondingly, if none of these work for you, you might need to consider a whisker without a soul patch as another option!

A Dash of the Mustache to Soul Patch Beard Style

A great sort of facial whiskers style, the soul patch with a scramble of mustache, gives an appearance of modernity. Style the mustache is a smart way and shape up the soul patch to make an ideal combo.

Goatee and moustache styles

The Modest Mustache and Soul Patch with Beard

The soul patch beard is unassumingly styled as well as the beard must be full in this type of beard style. The patch of facial hair should be just below your lip as well as it should be small in size. In this style the patch has to be of medium length as well as styled in a disordered way. Add a dash of mustache to the style to make you look more stunning. You can also combine the soul patch with goatee beard style

Mustache and Soul Patch with Fashionable Sideburns

This style is one of the best forms of the soul patch beard styles, where your mustache and soul patch as well as the sideburns ties up with the clean-cut beard. The mustache and beard are trimmed low as well as the most important part of this style is that the beard is shaved. Do not mistake the style with mutton chops beard style

The Pomp with Mustache and Soul Patch

In this type of beard style, the hair has to be on the top styled in a way that it appear like the pompadour as well as the soul patch beard is triangular shaped, thicker and fuller with a dash of mustache. This type of beard looks go hand in hand with the soul patch beard style.

The Curl Up Mustache and Soul Patch

The mustache is more featured right now style, where the facial hair can barely be seen at the foundation. Twist-up both the parts of the bargains with a twisting wax and shave your whiskers to an exceptionally short length. Pick the correct thickness of the soul patch to coordinate your jawline.

Short beard long mustache

The soul patch beard style is among the best beard styles in case you want some style that requires slight maintenance. Although people either hate it or love it, in the end, the soul patch beard styles are friendly, fun, and emphasizes your chin. And no wonder the soul patch beard style is making a comeback in the fashion.
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