All types of mustaches. 15 New Beard And Mustache Styles For Men And Teenagers, Styles At Life

Having beard and mustache with different styles has always been trendy for the men. However, with the change in the generation, the styles of keeping mustache and beard have also changed from normal to some something appealing. The fact is that no matter whatever the generation would be, a well-maintained and groomed mustache and beard would always be favoured giving a manly look. The beard style also depends on the profession the man is involved into for getting that devastating look. Mustache styles for thin hair.

Are you also quite fascinated of keeping beard mustache? Here are some widely beard and mustache styles that have remained in talks these days to select from according to your face and interest,

Beard And Mustache Styles For Men And Tea:

Let’s see here with compiles list of mustache and beard hairstyles to get a new look.

1. Bandholz Mustache and Beard:

An interesting mustache & beard style introduced by Eric Bandholz, has always remained in demand. The beard suits men with oval, diamond and triangular shape face. It takes a minimum of 6 months of time period to develop this kind of style and also needs to be maintained using grooming tools.

2. The Uniform Beard:

The name comes from the length it comes with. Best for men with square, round and oval face cut, this beard is grown to nearly 2 inches from the chin and is given a nice round shaped cut. It is a widely opted style for a professional look.

3. Razor’s Edge Beard:

No matter whatever face shape you have, this beard & mustache would perfectly suit you. This is a beard style that has always remained in trend. The sides of the beard are not shaped well, but one must keep the endings sharp and clear.

Goatee without moustache

4. Dutch Beard:

Want to give your beard an old growth? The Dutch beard is what you are looking for. Perfect for diamond and ovular faces, the beard in this style is grown in an outward direction in an accented position from the chin.

5. Tapered and Short Beard:

Tapered and short has remained the favourite style of the teens these days among the beard and mustache styles. The beard in this style comes with short hair better for faces round and oval in shape. The beard is kept clear till the mustache blends into the beard with less hair for complete look.

6. Thin Beard Style:

This is counted as the shortest mustache beard styles where the sideburns go thin and are nearly to disappear. The mustache and the face cut beard meet at the chin portion, which is give a stunning impact on square and oval faces.

7. Lines for Days Styles:

This is a kind of full beard mustache with proper shape and clear cuts are quite adoptable for every kind of face. The mustache of the beard comes quite closer to the beard, but doesn’t touch it giving out a straight razor shave.

8. Faded Beard:

Faded is a style of long beard and mustache. The beard in this style is grown about 3 inches from the chin and is trimmed in a flat style. The moustache gets attached to it with a thin or thick layer, best for the oval and square faces.

Classic mustache

9. Bold and Thick Beard:

When it comes to thick beard, the word bold comes along with it. The beard comes with long hair; however, the length is still short till the chin. This is a beard style that is carried out by every face shape with proper angles for a dashing look.

10. Circle Beard:

Circle beard and mustache comes with both thick and thin hair. They are an ideal match for men having round and oval face. It is also known as standard beard which looks kind of tidy. It is selected by men who want a presentable look along with beard.

11. Friendly Mutton Chops Beard:

This is simply amazing among the mustache and beard styles. It is also known as sideburns cut or side whiskers with a gap on the chin, which was introduced during the American Civil war. If you are having a square or circular face shape, this beard style would definitely suit you.

12. Garibaldi Beard:

This is one of the long beard and mustache styles. It is the best for you if you are having a rectangular or oval face shape. Some what similar to the Bandholz, it comes with thick and long beard with mustache ending in curles.

13. Handlebar and Chin Puff Beard:

A really cute beard style to carry, the beard and the mustache here come with limited growth. The mustache is given a long growth, while the beard is grown long only in the portion of the chin. This design is mostly carried out by men who have beard growth in limited face area with an oblong or rectangular face.

Different facial hair styles

14. Van Dyke Beard Style:

Van Dyke comes with seven different mustache beard styles. They are popular on men who have a narrow chin. The beard style can be said to be a combination of both Goatee style with a mustache. The style comes with medium mustache and anchor shape on the chin. The name of the design was given after Anthony Van Dyke as it was his signature look.

15. Horse Shoe Beard:

This beard mustache would remind you the look of the retro. The style is obtained by stretching the mustache joining the beard downwards. The sides of the beard and the center portion of the chin are left clean shaved for getting that desired look. The length of the sides can be kept as desired.

Other than all these, other beard and mustache styles include Stubble beard, Goatee beard, Balbo beard, Original Stache beard, Chevron beard, Anchor beard, Short Boxed beard, and many more, that have been selected by men according to their face shape. It should also be known that the longer beard you keep the more care it requires as it might get affected by bacteria bringing you some infection on the skin.
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