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Apparently Harry Styles underwent a look change again, said goodbye to his iconic mustache, does the singer look different? Mustache march.

Retro is in fashion and one of the pioneers of this style today is the British singer Harry Styles, the young star is the image of pop culture from a few decades ago, the interpreter of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ is not afraid to experiment with his look.

Styles in the month of July 2020, gave his followers around the world an iconic look during this quarantine, Harry was captured on his vacation in Italy with a mustache inspired by the great celebrities of the eighties.

The Harries could not miss that moment to appreciate the beauty of their favorite singer and the image of the music star went viral on all social networks. Apparently Harry Styles recently changed his look again.

Mustache styles in india

A girl on Twitter commented that her mother had seen Harry at the gym and that the 26-year-old boy no longer sported his impressive mustache, he has no proof, as his mother could not take any pictures with the idol because Styles was with his personal trainer, but they both joked about the color of their tennis shoes, as they both wore the same model.

If you shaved and a picture was not taken

Harry’s fanatic put his Twitter account in private and at the moment his publications or messages cannot be seen, but the reaction of Internet users was instantaneous, making the topic a trend.

No hair in middle of mustache

Internet users created ‘Harry Shaved’ to talk about the supposed new appearance of the creator of ‘Adore You’, the opinions of the Harries were varied, some wanted that the boy already shows his face without a mustache, while others assure that they will miss the mustache by Styles.

Although Harry has not updated his profiles with new photos, fans of the interpreter hope that he will surprise them with his new look.
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