How to make your mustache look good. 5 Tips on How to Apply Moustache Wax

When you first grow a beard and a mustache—there are some signals that indicate that you've now entered into the beardsman world. First, when your beard reaches a certain length and you can hide things in it, it is an achievement in itself and it can be pretty funny. Secondly, when you don't remember when was the last time that you used a razor—it is also a good sign that you've joined the beardsman club. Anyway—none of these signals is as revealing as the day when you first use a mustache wax. How to style a mustache.

A mustache wax has aesthetic and practical qualities. Normally people applying mustache wax want to direct the hairs above their upper lip away from their mouth or get a Salvador Dali look—"Direct the hairs away from their mouth"—this may sound wacky, but it's a real problem among the beardsman. When they want to enjoy and appreciate a good ice cream cone—they don't want to taste their mustache hairs... To avoid this mishap, we have compiled for you a list of 5 tips to follow when you apply mustache wax for the first time.

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1 - Take your time for the Application

We know that one of the first things you're saying is—"Well, another step to add to the list of things to do before going to work." Just like your hair, your skin, and your teeth—mustache requires grooming so that it can be well presented. Tell yourself that it is better to take 5 minutes in the morning to apply mustache wax and be presentable throughout the day than to earn 5 minutes in the morning—but have an embarrassing and messy looking mustache. This little 5 minutes to apply mustache wax, can be much longer in the beginning, since you'll be in the learning and practice period—but soon, you will master your art and apply your mustache wax as quickly as a professional. By taking a few minutes each morning to properly maneuver the hair of your mustache towards the corners of your mouth, eating and drinking will become a much more enjoyable experience.

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2 - Keep it Simple

Naturally—all beardsman—which uses a mustache wax for the first time are tempted to go for bold and wacky styles. It's ok, it's part of the discovery of the product and the period of apprenticeship. However, gentlemen, keep these foolishnesses for when you are inside of your home in privacy. A basic advice for those who wear a mustache is to opt for a relatively simple and natural style that requires less maintenance—rather than opting for a more complex style that requires touch ups throughout the day. Anyway, even though you wanted to, you are not the modest Salvador Dali. The challenge with the mustache wax is to use it to obtain a perfectly styled mustache with a natural look (no bristles in the mouth).

3 - Don't Overdo on the Quantity

When you use and apply mustache wax for the first time, it is very easy and even common to use beyond the normal amount of wax. Often people who use wax for the first time complete the application, look themselves in the mirror—to notice that they look like ''Mister Freeze'' with a crisp mustache. Why a Mister Freeze? Simply because by putting too much mustache wax—wax granules are visible and the mustache ends up white. Learning to use the right amount of mustache wax necessary to achieve the desired style is a lot of learning—since it varies from person to person according to their needs. Generally, the appropriate amount of mustache wax to use is the equivalent of a pinky finger nail.

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4 - Keep in Mind that the Results must be Practices

Above all, when you use a mustache wax, you must do it for practical reasons. Remember that you want a clean and convenient look. By using a mustache wax to remove hair from your mouth, you will avoid to soak them into your beer glass and you'll avoid biting (breaking) them when you eat your slice of pizza for example.

5 - Have a Fun

Okay, we tried to stay professional and serious from the start, but let's be quite realistic—mustache wax is still a very fun tool to use. That being said—even tho we haven't cheered you to walk in town with a bold and wacky mustache style. When you first buy it, it can be quite fun to experiment it with different styles in front of the mirror of your bathroom. Of course, you might be tempted to adopt one of these crazy styles to go out, but we strongly suggest seeking for advice of a friend or of a beloved that will probably be more objective. Keep in mind that it is better to opt for a style that fits you well and that will earn good comments rather than opting for a bold style that will be subject to judgments and derogatory comments.

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