Top ten moustaches. The Big Thank You 2016 Can You Handlebar Moustache and Beard Co.

The Big Thank You 2016

We have a lot to be thankful for. Moustache fashion 2016.

Over the past four years, you’ve chosen our products time and again and have proven that a beard or moustache is a valid self expression for all walks of life. Because of you, our business has grown dramatically and CanYouHandlebar is now available in over 300 retailers worldwide, including every US Art of Shaving location.

We want to say “thanks” in a really big way, so we are having a contest where we, and some of our favorite brands, are giving some really great prizes to three winners.

We want everyone to have a shot at winning. So, to win our contest, you can be the most lucky, the most normal, or the most popular:

Anthology Gear Wear: Maker of fine instrument straps and gig bags. Providing a full grain leather 17" Laptop Bag ($594).

American Mustache Institute (AMI): Biggest and best mustache organization in the US. Providing a T-shirt to all three winners ($60)

Art of Shaving: Inspires pride in timeless masculine traditions, including growing fine facial hair. They're providing a combination of their fine retail products. (~$1000)

One Eyed Cat Crafts: Maker of funny cups and funny beards. He's providing one of his creations to each winner ($75)

Saddleback Leather Co.: Maker of full grain leather goods backed by a 100 year warranty. They're providing a bag to EACH winner. (~$1200)

Thin mustache styles

Red Raven Hanks: Handmade handkerchiefs handcrafted in small batches with your Everyday Carry in mind. Providing hanks for each of the winners. ($90)

Dangerous But Good: Apparel line celebrating faith, family, and freedom. Providing hats, stickers, and patches for the winners. (~$80). Use code "CanYouHandlebar" for 10% order during the contest.

Cranky Hanky Co.: Maker of handmade wallets, handkerchiefs, and gear holders. Providing hanks and gear holders for the winners. (~$80) For the duration of the contest use code "HANDLEBAR" for 10% discount on orders.

F3 Holsters: Maker of holsters and magazine carries designed for real shooters. Providing a holster of choice for one winner. ($40). Use code "CYHB15" for 15% off at their shop during the contest.

Schon DSGN: Modern designed American made luxury pens. Providing one pen for one of the winners. ($60).

Flagrant Beard: Listeners who are passionate about making belts, blades, and gear you want and need. Providing a belt for each of the winners. ($200). Use code "CYHB15" for 15% off during the contest.

Urban EDC: Purveyor of heirloom quality Everday Carry Gear. Providing $50 Gift Certificates for each of the winners. ($150)

Baker Creek Seed Company: Growers of the largest selection of heirloom varieties in the USA (1,800)! Providing a Heirloom Garden Collection of seeds for each winner ($150).

Fu mustache

Blade HQ: Knife lovers who help you gear up for whatever adventure is coming your way. Providing a $25 Gift Certificate, a limited edition CRKT Carbon Fiber Squid (only 500 made), and a Kershaw Skyline w/ Natural Jade G-10 (not released until 11/25)! ($168)

Tea Drunk: Producer of the world's most prized teas and a destination for those seeking tea knowledge. Providing a $50 Gift Certificate for each winner. ($150)

Koch Leather: Hand-crafter of leather goods. Providing a wallet for each of the winners. (~$150)

Cockpit USA: Apparel line seeking to preserve the heritage of American life styles inspired by classic icons of American fashion. Providing a bomber jacket, flight jacket and T-shirt (~$220). Use code "CPTBTY10" to get 10% off order through December 31st.

Sir Wylde: Classic vintage clothing line with western influence - proudly handmade in America. Providing a vintage tie, bow tie, and handkerchief ($140). Use code "CYH" for 15% off order for the duration of the contest.

Chamberlain's Leather Milk: USA Maker of all-natural, chemical-free products for restoring, cleaning, and protecting leather goods. Providing a Gift Box ($80). Use code "CYHBTENOFF" during the contest to get 10% off and free shipping.

MTM Special Ops Watches: Leading manufacturer of military watches and tactical watches. Providing a Silencer Watch ($750).

Wild Hedgehog Tactical: Creator and advocate of tactical survival solutions. Providing a $10 Gift Certificate for each winner. ($30). Use code "EDC15" for 15% off orders during the contest.

How to cut mustache styles

Rite in the Rain: Maker of innovative products for professionals and enthusiasts who brave the outdoors. Providing a pack of mini notebook for each of the three winners ($30). Use code "HANDLEBAR" to get 10% off and free shipping during the contest.

Whipping Post: Maker of uncommonly durable leather goods. Providing a $50 Gift Certificate for each winner. ($150)

Patch Me Up: Creator of custom patches, stickers, T-shirts, camera mounts, armor, and more. Providing Limited Edition Patches and Stickers, a T-shirt, cigar tray, and cigar stand. (~$340)

and hard use tools on the market. Providing two 4" pry bars and a 20% discount certificate for the winners. ($150)
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