New look mustache. How To Trim A Mustache In 6 Easy Steps

Those new to growing that under the nose facial hair are often nervous when they see it taking on a life of its own, but trimming that mustache doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience.

In fact, you can easily accomplish the feat pretty easily once you know what style you are going to choose for your mustache and are sure it has grown long enough to be styled in the manner you choose. Trim mustache.

Before you start trimming, you need to decide on the style of mustache you would like to keep. There are of course many styles.

There is the walrus style in which you will keep your whiskers much longer and dense looking.

Some people have it covering part of their upper lip and the ends of mustache can run either vertically down on the sides of their lips or go more on the sides. The other common style is a more neat and trimmed mustache, giving you a well groomed look.

For the purposes of this article, i will focus on the latter style and talk about trimming a mustache which is worn by a great majority of people. To trim and maintain such a mustache style, you need to decide on two basics, firstly how wide you would like your mustache and secondly the density of the hair.

Most styling experts will tell you that the width of the mustache should be in line with your pupils. The thickness of the mustache will also be dictated by the growth of your hair.

Tools Needed For Trimming A Mustache

Best to start by washing and making it tidy, keeping it slightly damp which will make the trimming process easier. You can also moist the mustache comb and pass it through your hair to get the same result.

Just remember not to over cut it because when the hair dries up, it usually becomes a bit shorter.

Use a fine tooth comb with closely spaced teeth to comb your mustache down the way the hair grows until it looks as neat and tidy as possible.

Tom selleck mustache style

Define your upper lip line by cutting the ends of your mustache. Just cut enough to clear the upper lip without going too higher up. The smiling face method works best to get the right length of hair. You can use mustache scissors or the trimmer blade to trim the edges.

Be careful if you are not used to handling a trimmer as the blades are sharp and you can end up cutting too much. Some trimmers come with a precision blade which is narrower in width and ideal for this task.

Run the comb through the mustache, lifting a small portion of hair showing through the teeth of the comb and trim off using the scissors or the trimmer. Work to the ends on one side and then repeat the same process on the other side. Once both sides are trimmed, check to ensure that it is even on both sides.

Remember not to trim off too much as you can always trim more, but you can’t put back the hair if you trim too much off.

The above step will remove the bulk of your hair, leaving it looking like a well groomed mustache.

Now you need to shave the top and the sides of your mustache with a razor or a trimmer. Use a clear gel instead of a shaving foam so you can see the edges of the mustache as your razor gets closer to the hairline.

Like with the other steps, start shaving a bit at a time to avoid any mistakes.

In this step, you can decide the angle of your mustache. In most cases, this would also be dictated by the growth of your facial hair.

Moustache long

Comb through your mustache again, making sure you catch any long hairs you have missed, then oil or wax your mustache and you are good to go.

If after reading this short mustache trimming guide, you are still feeling a bit insecure about trimming your mustache watching this video will let you see exactly how trimming is done and how simple it can be.

Extra Tips For Growing And Maintaining A Mustache

If you are one of those men whose facial hair grows exceptionally thick, you can set your trimmer to the required length setting and then run the trimmer up your mustache opposite to the way it grows.

This will remove the bulk from your mustache. Similarly, passing the trimmer in the direction of the grain will maintain the bulk.

It may sound funny but I believe in educating and training my mustache to take the shape I like it to take. We all know that the mustache hair can be quite coarse so you need to work on it by using small mustache combs or products like a good quality wax to shape the hair in the right direction.

Believe me, once you have achieved that perfect shape for your mustache, you would really like the groomed appearance it will give you.

If after reading this short mustache trimming guide, you are still feeling a bit insecure about trimming your mustache watching this video will let you see exactly how trimming is done and how simple it can be.

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