Kerala mustache style. How to Trim a Mustache Properly

Learning how to trim a mustache properly can be difficult for anyone who has never let their facial hair grow for very long. Depending on the type of mustache you have, different approaches are required, and you'll need a good trimmer to get things going. Trim mustache.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great trimmers out there to choose from, and once you get the hang of it, you'll only be have to spend a few minutes at a time trimming your mustache through a process that can actually be quite fun and straightforward.

Growing Your Mustache and Figuring Out Your Style

Normally, before trimming your mustache, it's a good idea to let it grow until it reaches above your lips. Using a trimmer is possible, of course, even with shorter mustaches, but your success will depend on the type of trimmer you use and whether you're accustomed to the process already or not.

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Mustache styles can, of course, differ; and you will usually need to adjust your trimming habits depending on the type of mustache you have. Wide and thick chevron mustaches, for example, will usually require a more versatile and resilient trimmer, while a unique English or Fu Manchu mustache might need to be tackled with greater care and a more refined tool.

Other official mustache types you might consider trimming your own mustache to resemble also include handlebar, horse shoe, lampshade, pyramid and “painter's brush” styles.

How to cut mustache styles

As you can see, trimming your mustache doesn't have to be difficult. Even with a less expensive trimmer, you'll find that getting used to the process is easy, and patiently etching out the shape of your facial hair will even turn out to be fun and easy.
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