Different types of mustaches and beards. Noah Centineo Grew a Mustache While Self-Isolating

Even as states continue to reopen and stay-at-home orders lighten up, celebrity men are ditching their grooming routines and growing facial hair we'd never expected to see on them. Back in May, Riverdale star Cole Sprouse revealed that he'd grown a mustache while self-isolating. Then in July, intranational sweetheart Harry Styles sneakily debuted his own mustache ( to much controversy ) as well. This week, Netflix darling Noah Centineo is joining their ranks. The star of To All the Boys I've Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser casually debuted a new mustache via Instagram on August 17. Moustache and beard styles images.

"Day whatever and I've already lost track of how many days I've been alone. @lanacondor you doing alright?" the actor captioned a slideshow of selfies revealing some shaggy new upper lip hair. This guy is rarely seen without a cleanly shaven mug — maybe some occasional stubble or a light beard — so fans were very quick to show their affection for the new 'stache.

"He’s going through ✨changes✨," writes one commenter of the post. "It's the moustache for me," writes another. I think the general consensus on this facial hair is best summarized by a comment from one of Centineo's many Instagram fan pages: "SEXY."

Different beard styles

As there always are when celebrities change their appearance, there are a select few people who'd rather Centineo shave that 'stache off immediately, but something tells us it isn't going to be there for long anyway. After all, Centineo will likely begin filming the next installment of the To All the Boys I've Loved Before series soon. Noah Centineo might be a mustache kind of guy, but Peter Kavinksy definitely isn't.

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The chevron mustache

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