Nice shaving style. The Different Types Of Mustaches Types List

When you start growing facial hair, the first two things that are likely to strike your mind is mustache and beard styles. Growing an unkempt mustache definitely does not look attractive. If you plan to grow it, then grow it the right way. There are many different types of facial hair styles, in particular mustache styles that you can think about growing, and some of the best are mentioned below. Petite handlebar mustache.

Natural Mustache – you don’t need any kind of aid to get this kind of mustache. You just need to allow your hair to grow from about a maximum of 1.5 cm from the end of your upper lip.

Hungarian Mustache – this gives a big and bushy appearance, starts from the upper lip’s center and is pulled to the sides. You need to allow your hairs to grow from about a maximum of 1.5 cm from the end of your upper lip.

Dali Mustache – this style has narrow long points which are curved steeply upwards or are bent. You need to shave the area past across the corner of your mouth for a proper appearance.

English Mustache – this type of mustache starts at the upper lip, from the center, and when it grows it needs to be pulled sideways to form whiskers and then needs to be curled upwards.

Imperial Mustache – in this style whiskers grow from the upper lips and also the cheeks and are curled upwards.

Fu Manchu Mustache – in this style the mustache starts growing normally, and as it starts tapering towards the end they are left to grow long and are turned downwards, many a time, far below the chin.

Round face mustache styles

Pancho Villa Mustache – it is quite like the Fu Manchu style but is thicker.

Handlebar Mustache – also known as the “spaghetti mustache”, it has a bushy appearance at the center, and has upwards pointing ends which are pretty small.

Petite Handlebar Mustache – the handlebar’s trimmer version, this is slightly more curved than the handlebar and gives a neater appearance.

Horseshoe Mustache – also known as biker mustache or the “Hogan” after the wrestler, this style has a full grown mustache which vertically extends from the lip’s corners moving down towards the jaw line, and looks like an inverted horseshoe. This style needs lots of maintenance and needs to be clipped frequently to look neat.

Pencil Mustache – this style of mustache is also known as ‘mouthbrows’. It is straight, narrow and thin like a pencil, is closely clipped and gives an outline like appearance to the upper lip. While following this style a shaven gap needs to be maintained between the mustache and the nose.

Chevron Mustache – it is thick, wide and generally covers up the top portion of the upper lip. Any excess hair needs to be trimmed or cut to give the face a clean and mature appearance. This is a very classy looking mustache, and can easily be carried by anyone.

Mustache looks

Toothbrush Mustache – this type of mustache looks like a toothbrush head along with bristles. A full mustache needs to be grown, and then just about an inch right under the center of the nose needs to be kept, and the rest shaved off.

Walrus Mustache – this style has a bushy appearance, droops down on the lips, generally covering the entire mouth.

Painter’s Brush Mustache – this one looks quite like the Chevron, but has no curve on the underside. It is instead flat and looks like a paintbrush.

Lampshade Mustache – this resembles the “painter’s brush” style but with slightly angled corners, giving them the appearance of a lampshade.

Pyramidal Mustache – this is a common name for mustaches that are narrow at the top and wide towards the bottom, making them look like a pyramid. The density and width of the mustache varies from person to person. There are various ways you can shape the pyramidal mustaches.

Burt Reynolds Mustache – this style is somewhere between the horseshoe and the handlebar.

Movember mustache guide

The Magnum P.I. Mustache – this is a bushy, tapering mustache style with an indent at the center.

These are amongst some of the most common style of mustaches that you can sport. If I’ve forgotten any, just let me know in the comments.
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