Different mustaches and beards. Modern Handlebar Mustaches with Haircuts, Men s Hairstyles and Haircuts for 2017

Mustaches were so popular in the 70’s but today they are making a big comeback and offer us cooler styles. Hairstylists combine them with the right haircuts which are both beautiful and stylish and the results are striking and very eye-catching fashionable looks. This retro style is now very inspiring with its modern solutions. Today we will speak about the best handlebar mustaches with haircuts. Though many consider this as a cool hipster style but it has a longer and richer history. Handlebar Mustache with Sleek Haircut Moustache haircut.

Short haircuts generally require short styles of beards and mustaches. In this case we have a flashy short haircuts which is styles into a neat and classy sleek side combed hairstyle. It is very fascinating in its structure and side design. Short mustaches were known as petit handlebar. It has the same structure as the rest of handlebar mustaches with curved ends. The only difference is the length but in spite of the shortness it is curled at the sides. Handlebar Mustache with Short Spiky Haircut

Short spiky haircuts are playful, boyish and very trendy styles for boys but men who want to look younger also opt for them. Some like to combine this short haircut with short handlebar mustaches. The final result is an eye-catching and very attractive look. They say it is quite easy to style handlebar mustaches especially when they are short. So, you can get the desired result by the right mustache styling waxes. Handlebar Mustache with Side Combed Haircut Generally handlebar mustaches can be worn as alone as with beards. They create stunning designs with full and modern beard styles. Since beards work well with beautiful side combed haircuts which bring out your facial features you can combine your handlebar mustache with this style too. Here you are going to focus both on the haircuts and mustache. You should create a classy and elegant hairstyle and then pass on your mustache and beard. Handlebar Mustache with Medium Haircut Those who have medium haircuts can style them into modern side or back combed wet-looking hairstyles. In order to keep their masculine look they are welcome to experiment with different beards and mustaches to find out the most suitable style for their face shape and haircut. Many styles of handlebar mustaches go with medium haircuts. In order to find the best one for you, you may consult with your hairstylist. Handlebar Mustache with High Volume Haircut

Types of mustaches and beards

High volume haircuts are trendy in 2016 and they are easy to achieve on undercut which have longer top parts. You can get the desired high volume effect by hair styling products and hair dryer. These hairstyles look fascinating with short and clean handlebar mustaches. They are seductive with retro inspired accessories and sunglasses.


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Thin line mustache

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