Military moustache styles. How A Bald Guy Should Wear A Mustache + Top 5 Styles

It may happen! You suddenly start to lose the hair or the hair may become thin. If the hair is falling rapidly and chances are pretty good that you will go bald, grow a mustache. A mustache will balance the lack of hair on the appearance. And, it’s not always about being bald because of the hair loss, some guys deliberately shave off the head to become bald. Because baldness is considered boldness. Not everyone can carry a bald head. Guy with mustache.

Should a Bald Guy Try a Mustache?

Why not? A bald guy needs to rock a mustache more than other guys do. Because a gorgeous mustache will snatch the attention from the bald head. The audience will admire the mustache that they will forget about the baldness. Besides a mustache adds more styling and distinction to the personality of an individual. So, don’t hesitate to wear a mustache if you’re planning to go bald or you’re already going bald due to excessive hair loss.

How a Bald Guy Should Wear a Mustache: 5 Tips

Nowadays baldness is considered manlier than a regular look. A bald guy is more masculine than a guy having healthy hair. The definition of beauty changes over time, bald guys are at the top now. Their sexiness will increase to a great extent if associated with a well-defined and well-groomed mustache. So the beauty of mustached bald guy depends on both the bald head and the mustache style. Let’s learn a few handy tips to grow the perfect mustache compatible with your bald head.

Try to grow a thick and dense mustache. Thin mustache can’t drag the attention from the bald head.

Wearing a regular mustache will not be wise. You must add some styling to get a gorgeous look. Chevron mustache, imperial mustache or handlebar mustache can be a good choice.

Best mustache for round face

Let the mustache grow to the fullest because it will prove your ability to grow facial hair.

One can have a stubble beard to compliment the mustache style. You can try one if that suits you.

Use quality products such as good trimmer and good mustache wax. Invest on the grooming to get a luxe-looking mustache which will surpass your baldness.

5 Recommended Mustache Styles for Bald Men

Most of the guys are confused while choosing the best mustache style that will suit them. This is really a tough call to figure out the right mustache or beard style for a bald guy. Perfection is a myth, but we all try to be perfect at every stage of our life. If you’re longing for the perfect recommendation about which mustache style will suit you, read on the below list.

Fu mustache

A handlebar mustache will be the best companion of one’s bald head. I can bet you that no mustache style will suit a bald head more than a handlebar does. People will look right at your mustache at the first sight. They will forget the bald head in a blink of the eyes for sure.

Cover the upper lip with a thick and dense mustache. This is a full-pledged mustache style for the bald guys. This will suit the faces which are not long, nor round.

This is one of the most intense mustache styles. Horseshoe mustache is bold and expressive. The baldness will be long gone and will never be a concern if you have a horseshoe right under your nose. This type of mustache style is suitable for the bald guys having oval faces.

#4. The Caterpillars

This is a funny mustache style named after the caterpillars. The mustache looks as if there were two caterpillars lying on the place of the mustache. If you have a long place and a funny character you can don this mustache style to conceal the baldness.

Moustache fashion 2016

#5. Imperial Mustache

Don’t go for this style if you have less facial hair. Imperial mustache demands more attention and care to come into action. One must be patient and fashion conscious to rock this type of beard. It will suit the round faces the most. You can display a bunch of thick facial hair with the help of imperial mustache style.

Bald headed guys have redefined the notion of beauty and sexiness. Lately, bald guys have become more desirable and girls find them to be attractive and manly. And, a mustache will add the cherry on the top. That’s why bald guys wear a beard or mustache to impress the people around them.
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