Best looking mustaches. How to Trim Your Beard Awesomely: 6 Easy Steps to Follow, Instant Grooming

A well-trimmed, nicely styled beard can add a lot to your look. Whether you prefer your beard long or very short, it is important to keep it trimmed and neat. There are so many different beard styles out there; you can express your style and creativity through your beard in many different ways. If your beard is well-trimmed, your style will stand out even more. You can learn how to trim your beard yourself and maintain your unique style all on your own. Well trimmed mustache.

What to do before trimming?

1. Research the right beard trimmer for you

Whether you prefer your beard closely cropped or mountain man long, you need a high quality trimmer. Even a thick, long beard can look well maintained if you trim it with a high quality trimmer.

There are several different kinds of beard trimmers available, so you will need to choose the right trimmer for you based on the functions that are most important to you. Regardless of what type of trimmer you buy, be sure you are buying one that is high quality and durable. Look for trimmers made of stainless steel or ones that are very solidly built.

One factor to consider is whether you want a beard trimmer that is cordless or has a cord. This may all depend on where you are planning to use your beard trimmer the most. If you have a conveniently located outlet in your bathroom, a trimmer with a cord may work just fine for you. If you are planning to frequently take it on the go, you may want to opt for a cordless trimmer.

Another factor to look for when choosing the right beard trimmer for you is how you plan to groom your beard: wet or dry. Some trimmers are only suited for wet trimming, others dry, and there are models that are versatile enough to be used either way.

Think about the length setting as well. Are you planning to grow a long, luxurious beard and need a beard trimmer that can handle long lengths or are you going to keep your beard fairly short? Be sure you are purchasing a trimmer that accommodates the length you will need. Some trimmers come with a variety of options, and this may be a good choice for you if you would like to try varying lengths or aren’t sure yet what style you prefer.

Check out the accessories that come with the trimmer you have selected. Maybe you want a trimmer that also comes with a nose hair and ear hair trimmer and that might help make your trimmer purchase decision easier. If you don’t care about any of the accessories, then you could just purchase a bare bones trimmer to get the job done.

2. Find the right beard length for you

One option is to just grow a little stubble, not a full beard. This might be a good option for you if you have a rounder face or if your beard grows in somewhat patchy. Stubble still needs to be trimmed to create a nice clean line. Some workplaces do not like this look, so if you are working in a professional environment where you need to be more clean-shaven or have a full beard, stubble may not be for you.

A short beard is a good option if your hair grows in well all over. Patchy growth will be more noticeable with a short beard, so this will not be good for those who have patchy growth.

A tailored beard is a more elegant version of the short beard and is good for environments where you want to look more polished and professional. This option requires a little more work to upkeep, but it is great for those looking to emphasize jawline or facial features or slim a rounder face.

Short for mustache

A longer beard is a good option if you get steady, even growth all over. It takes quite a time commitment to grow and maintain, at least 2-3 months. A long beard can help even out facial proportions by adding length to a short chin or creating a more proportional silhouette by growing hair on each side of the face. If your face is a rounder shape, you want to create more defined angles, so your face will look best with shorter hair on the sides.

3. Buy a beard trimmer that works for your needs

After determining what beard length is best for you, choose a beard trimmer best suited to this type of beard. Be sure you are choosing a beard trimmer that has settings to accommodate the beard length you are planning to grow.

Consider whether you want a beard trimmer that has a cord or is cordless and if you want one that comes with a lot of accessories.

4. Keep your trimmer and its accessories organized

In order to maintain the high quality of your trimmer, you must keep it clean and organized. All accessories must also stay clean and organized. Find a place in your bathroom or a closet where you can store these items neatly and easily access them when needed. If your trimmer has a cord and will need plugged in to use or to charge, be sure you have chosen a storage area near an outlet so your trimmer will be ready to go when you are.

How to trim your beard in 6 steps

Follow these simple steps to learn how to trim your beard.

Step 1: Wash your Beard

Wash your beard with shampoo that is moisturizing and will not dry the hair out.

Step 2: Brush your beard when it is dry

You will need to do the trimming after it is fully dry, so wait until it is dry to brush out as well. Using a beard comb, brush your beard fully out, combing against the grain. Do not use a plastic comb and be sure you are waiting until the beard is dry; brushing it while wet will change the texture and distribute the oil differently.

Step 3: Use your beard trimmer to trim to your preferred length

If you have a short beard, use clippers. Choose the correct length setting on your trimmer to achieve the beard length you desire. In order to prevent going too short too fast, set the trimmer so your finished length will be a little longer than you wish. You can always go shorter if needed. Do one cut all over and then check the length. If more is needed, reset the trimmer and go over it all again.

If you have a very long beard, you may need to use some shears to clip it properly all over before using the trimmer. Or if your beard is long, but not too long for a trimmer, carefully use the trimmer to shorten the long beard enough to do a closer trim with a shorter trimmer setting. Use a shorter setting with your trimmer to trim around the mouth and cheekbone area.

Fu manchu mustache styles

Step 4: Fade the neck and cheeks and trim mustache properly

It is important to trim your cheekbones because when you keep your cheekbones trimmed, the hair starts to only grow in one direction: down. This will make your whole look much sharper. If not trimmed, the beard will grow out from your cheekbones and create a rounder shape to your face. To get a more chiseled look, keep the cheekbone area trimmed.

Let your beard grow as long as you wish below your mouth, but fade the cheekbones and sideburns into your head hair.

Trim mustache as well and be sure to look for stray hairs that are longer than others and need clipped.

Step 5: Use scissors for detailing

Trim your mustache hair to create definition and a clean line. You don’t want mustache hair to hang over the top of your upper lip at all so clip any hairs below this line. Check the entire beard for long or stray hairs and use scissors to clip these. If you use the trimmer for this fine detailing, you run the risk of making a mistake and losing a chunk of beard to the trimmer. Better to be safe than sorry and just use the scissors.

Step 6: Finish with a beard oil or beard moisturizer

After you are finished clipping and trimming, apply a quality beard oil or beard moisturizer and comb it back through the beard with a comb. Comb your beard into the desired shape. At this point, any missed hairs or areas that need attention will be easily visible and you can fix them quickly.

What to do after trimming (Care and maintenance)

Wash your beard regularly, especially in the first few weeks as you are trying to grow your beard. Trapped food pieces and dead skin often build up and create discomfort and itchiness. Use a good beard shampoo to wash your beard at least 4-5 times a week. Lightly pat with a towel to dry and don’t overdo the pressure when drying. You don’t want to create split ends.

Use beard oil regularly as well. Beard oil helps to soften the hair and keep it moisturized so it doesn’t dry out.

A daily brush with a beard comb will help your beard hair to continue to stay looking clean and fresh and also help to train the hair to grow the direction you wish. Beard oil can be used at this step as well.

In between beard trims, you can also use scissors to clip tiny hairs in your mustache to be sure you are keeping a clean, defined line there as well.

Mustache covering upper lip

Your beard is made up of fats and proteins and requires taking care of, just like your skin or any other part of your body. Eat a healthy diet that includes all of the B vitamins, so be sure you are getting plenty of leafy green vegetables, lean cuts of meat and healthy fats like nuts, eggs, and dairy. You can take the nutrition aspect one step further and add a beard supplement to your diet to get a high dose of these vitamins to help stimulate healthy beard growth.


When you first start growing your beard, resist the urge to trim it; leave it untouched for about 4-6 weeks. You need to establish a good length and growth before you can really create the style you want.

Be sure you are shaving underneath your beard so that you don’t end up with a neck beard as well. Use the right tool for shaving. Keep a clean line between your beard and your neck. Trim and brush it regularly to keep it looking neat and well-maintained.

Following these steps on how to trim your beard will keep your beard looking sharp and well-maintained. You can create the look you want at home and maintain it just by following a few simple self-care steps.
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