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Top 10 most popular beard styles 2016

If you have never heard of The Extended Goatee, The Chin Curtain or The Soul Patch – you soon will, according to a new study. Moustache styles 2016.

A European-wide survey of 6,500 men has revealed those with facial hair now outnumber their clean-shaven counterparts.

The report, commissioned by grooming brand Braun, also revealed the top ten beard types in the UK, made popular by celebrities including Jamie Dornan and Brad Pitt.

#1 Full-Beard

This beard style takes some serious dedication. It consists of a beard, moustache and whiskers, which will grow together to cover your cheeks, chin and neck. Making this beard style suitable for any face shape. Once you have decided to grow a Full Beard, you can grow it to any length you choose. You can also shape your beard into a variety of forms and vary the fullnesse. How to create the Full beard.


#2 Goatee&Trash

Goatee style is previously worn by Batman actor Christian Bale – is the second most common style in the UK, according to the study.

Today, it has lost none of its appeal and is a favorite of the always-cool Johnny Depp, who often pairs his with a mustache. Abraham Lincoln was also a fan of the Goatee, but wore his in a more conservative, wider form. The Goatee provides excellent coverage for those with triangular faces or pointy chins.


#3 Extended Goatee

The extended goatee is a variation of the goatee and mustache. Further variations are possible by adjusting the angles or the shape of the extensions.

Teenage mustache styles

When growing a extended goatee for the first time, it is advisable to allow a larger area to grow than the size that you think that you would like. Once you have achieved enough growth to make a proper determination, then you can shape and trim it down to the desired size. The extensions typically are defined by extending a horizontal line from the corners of the mouth back towards each ear, with a curve connecting the ends of the two extensions.

Alternatively, starting with an existing full beard, you could trim it down into the desired shape of the extended goatee. From an existing goatee and mustache, you could allow the extensions to start growing out.

#4 Balbo

It’s hard not to admire the supreme craftsmanship it takes to put the Balbo beard style together. The Balbo Beard is actually a combination of a Goatee, a Chinstrap, and a Handlebar Mustache.

Only true masters, dedicated to the art of facial hair sculpting, should attempt a Balbo Beard unaided. You’ll need to have grown in a fairly luscious beard before you even get started. Keep in mind the Balbo Beard will accentuate the chin, so it’s better suited to those with square or round faces.

#5 Chin Strap And Moustache

The Chin Strap beard is a bold choice: it was worn by hip-hop acts like Color Me Badd back in the 90’s, which might be where it’s better off staying. However, if you feel like playing around and creating some zany lines (in the privacy of your own home), this is the beard style to experiment with. Reference here to know how to create the chin trap

#6 Chin strap

If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, you need a Chin strap to keep it there. The Chin strap beard is basically a thin, half- to one-inch strip of hair that begins with one sideburn, continues down to the chin, follows the jawline past the chin to the other side and then back up the other side of the face to connect with the opposite sideburn. The Chinstrap creates or emphasizes a strong jawline, while minimizing the beard’s appearance.

What moustache to grow

#7 Goatee

It’s about the smallest beard you can grow (not counting the Soul Patch). In fact, its almost a ‘starter beard’ (which you can extend into a Full Goatee – aka Circle Beard – at a later stage). You can practice trimming it, shaving it into slightly different shapes, and pulling at it a bit with your fingers when you want to indicate puzzlement. As boys’ toys go, it’s easier to acquire than most, and it doesn’t need batteries. Reference how to create original goatee

#8 Soul Patach

This relatively low-maintenance mini beard first gained popularity with beatniks and artists in the 1950’s. It’s said that jazz trumpeters started the trend as they enjoyed the cushioning this beard offered during mammoth jam sessions.

Today, the soul patch serves no real purpose. Anyone can grow one and they suit all face types. At some point in your life a soul patch will just feel right…and then it won’t. Think of a Soul Patch as training wheels for a real beard, a necessary step (or stumble?) on the road to manhood.

#9 Chin curtain

The Chin Curtain is a little simpler than both the Amish and the Strap Beard style, but for different reasons.

The beard requires a lot less upkeep than the Strap, which is easily overgrown. And it doesn’t take quite as long to grow in as the Amish. You’ll still need to grow out your beard for a while, but it doesn’t have to be as full. You can also groom it into a dull point if you wish, something that’s a little too flashy for the Amish Beard.

This is a great choice for anyone looking to disguise a pointy chin or soften a boxy jaw.

Modern moustache styles

#10 Mutton chops

The popularity of mutton chops seems to track with the release of every new X-Men movie; who doesn’t love the Wolverine Beard ? Even if you thought the last sequel sucked, you might want to ready your MC ‘stache for the next Avengers movie. You know, Wolverine is a Marvel character, too.

The most common style of mutton chops are long, full sideburns that extend down to the corners of the mouth and are not connected by chin hair or a mustache. They are often wider at the ends than where they start. Some versions connect to a mustache, creating a solid line of hair. Mutton chops can be bushy or trimmed close to the face.

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