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Have you started growing your Movember moustache yet? That’s right! It’s that time of year in November when you begin notice that a lot more men seem to be sporting some extra hair above their mouths. Moustache styles 2016.

The reason why they are growing these moustaches is to show a sign of support and awareness for Men’s prostate cancer. They are doing it to raise money from sponsors for research to combat this disease, and despite its serious endeavour, they are also having a bit of fun in doing it.

The Movember movement began with a small group of men in Australia in 2003 and has spread throughout the world. It now has around 21 countries involved and continues to grow. Its purpose is to raise both awareness and funding to help prevent prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health issues.

Almost one out of every seven men is going to be affected by this insidious disease. It is a cancer that can be treated but has a good cure rate when uncovered early. More men need be made aware of the importance of getting a prostate exam and get it regularly.

Moustaches were extremely popular in both the 19th and early 20th centuries. Although some of the moustache styles may have gone out of vogue, they still can be seen throughout the world.

You probably know a few moustache style names, but you’ve also likely seen other styles that have names you never have heard about.

Moustache Styles

Chevron – a thick and wide moustache which covers the upper lip.

Beard and mustache styles 2014

Dali Moustache – a very narrow moustache that has long points and is curved steeply upwards and is identified with the famous artist – Salvador Dali

English – a divided but narrow moustache that starts at the middle of the lip and has long whiskers pulled to the side of the face

Fu Manchu Moustache – begins on the upper lip and is grown very long to extend down either side of the mouth

Handlebar Moustache – can come in two types, full or petite. It is very bushy and must be long enough to allow you to curl the ends upwards using moustache wax

Horseshoe Moustache – full across the lips and extends down to the jaw just like an inverted horseshoe

Imperial – a huge moustache that is grown vertically upwards onto the cheeks and upward pointing

Black moustache styles

Lampshade – similar to the style of a painters brush, narrow at the top and broader at the bottom but resembles a lampshade

Painters Brush – a thick moustache which covers the entire mouth but has corners which are slightly rounded

Pencil – a neatly and very thin clipped moustache which can be grown using different styles

Pyramidal – narrow on the top and shaped wide at the bottom so it appears like a pyramid

Toothbrush – a thick moustache which is about 1 inch wide in the middle ( Not an advisable style as this was also a favourite of an extremely unpopular World War II Dictator)

Walrus – a large moustache which droops while covering the entire mouth

Are mustaches in style 2015

Remember that to get the perfect mustache some essential grooming tools are needed, such as mustache wax, scissors, a good razor and/or trimmer, and a small comb. If you have been toying with the idea of growing a ‘stache, November is the perfect time to give it a try, and who knows, it might stick.
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