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Here’s my compilation of allied race enhancements implemented, under work (datamined), unconfirmed (based on evidence on alpha), as well as my hopes for them. Obviously, I’m all for more hair styles, jewelry and stuff for everyone, but I think at this stage it’s unlikely for Blizzard to add more geosets, so I focused on splitting customization categories to allow more combos, new textures and some swapping between races. Popular mustache styles.

Implemented: Facial hair split into Facial Hair and Tendrils.

Datamined: Eye color selection

Unconfirmed: Tattoo colors (Opaque or Reflexive, maybe glowing)

Hoping for: Skin colors (bronze, golden, copper), hair colors (dark gold, light red, dark copper, black)

Implemented: Eye colors, Belf skin colors (unfinished, still need to change underwear and maybe female nail polish)

Unconfirmed: Skin and Hair color selection for Entropic Embrace.

How to style a handlebar mustache

Hoping for: Hair colors (black, silver-blue, beige blonde, dark red), Alleria-like tattoos (void, blue, violet, magenta), Hair Tendrils (on/off)

Unconfirmed: Piercings split into more categories (ear, nose and so on)

Implemented: Eye colors, Facial Hair split into beard and mustache

Hoping for: A few hair styles, beards and mustaches exchanged between KT and humans

Implemented: Eye colors, Inherited new gnome Skin Colors, Skin Color split into Skin and Paint Job

Hoping for: Facial hair split into Mustache and Beard, Modification split into Ear Enhancement, Jaw Plating and Ocular Implant, new Paint Jobs

How to style mustache with beard

Datamined: Eye colors, 1 new female Jewelry

Unconfirmed: Tattoo colors (Opaque and reflexive, maybe glowing)

Hoping for: Chin plate (on/off), Jewelry Color (gold, silver, copper), faces with slanted eyes, new skin colors (dark grey, light grey), new hair colors (purple, blue, gold), Arcane Flow on hair (on/off)

Implemented: Eye colors, Markings split into Body Painting and Paint Color, female option for earrings (on/off).

Hoping for: New Paint Patterns and Colors (Yellow, Orange, Purple, White), new skins (white, mixed black and brown, mixed white and brown)

Hoping for: Accessories split into more categories (Earrings, nose and so on), Skin Color split into Skin Color and Tattoos, Inherited Scars from orcs, New Skin Colors (Shattered Hand White) and Eye Color (Shattered Hand red), Some Hair Styles and Facial hair shared with orcs.

How to keep mustache

Implemented: Jewelry split into Earrings and Ear Gauge (Male) plus Piercings and Necklace (Female).

Hoping For: Earrings and Piercings further split into more categories (Lip, Nose, Eyebrow), new Skin Colors (more vivid colors: Ice Troll-like, Forest Troll-like, Desert Troll-like)

Implemented: Eye colors, Ears split into Ears and Earrings (on/off)
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