Pencil mustache with beard. Trim and Style Your Mustache

Styling your mustache is just as important as styling the hair on your head. It will complete your overall look, and if you’re mustache is not trimmed well, others will notice quickly. Styling your mustache.

Yep, just like we can artistically design your hairstyle, we can give an artistic look to your mustache too. Or, if you prefer to keep it traditional, we can trim your mustache to keep it looking groomed and healthy. It’s best to leave trimming up to the professionals, and we’ll let you know why.

Your facial shape should be considered when choosing the shape of your mustache. If you have an oval face, a mustache with a slightly triangle shape and medium width is best. However, if you have a square face, go for a wide mustache with it extending past the corners of your mouth.

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It’s also important to consider your lip size when shaping your mustache. If you have thin lips a large mustache will over-power them, so it’s best to trim your mustache smaller. Large mustaches are best for men with larger lips.

If you’re thinking of growing a mustache, but just not sure if you can get past that part of awkwardness, there’s a trick to help you get through it. Allow your other facial hair to grow in during this period. You can even grow out your beard prior to attempting the mustache. This will offset the awkward period of growing in a mustache.

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Don’t forget the product to hold the shape of your mustache through the day. We’ve got a line that will perfect the look of your beard and mustache, to keep it looking its best throughout the day.

Let our barbers at The Ultimate Barber help you with your hair styling needs. We stay on top of trending styles, so you can look your best. You can find us at 2712 Jefferson Davis Highway in Alexandria, or give us a call at 571-483-0032. Download our free mobile app available on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

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