Mustache for. Top 10 Anchor Goatee Styles 2018 You Must Check

Anchor Goatee Styles- A beard which does not only trace your jawline giving it an enchanting look but also add a super glamourous mustache along with it. An anchor goatee is a pointed beard style which is recommended for guys who like to highlight their jawline and want to make their face look slimmer and smarter. The name is basically derived from the nautical anchor as the shape of it is just like one. Pyramid mustache.

In order to get a super charming anchor goatee, one has to get rid of any sideburns. Also, your beard must be extending along your jaws in case you want to get the perfect anchor goatee look. As anchor goatee is extracted from a number of different styles like the Chinstrap and the Handlebar as well as the Goatee.

Latest Anchor Goatee Styles To Try

If you’re thinking about trimming your facial hair in anchor style and want to know about diverse styles that go well with various face cuts then go through this guide as it inculcates some of the coolest anchor goatee cuts which will be seen quite frequently this year and trend high among other styles of facial hair.

↓10- With a Pyramid Shaped Mustache

With a pyramid-shaped mustache, you can define your face cut with an anchor merged with a goatee; particularly if you have a triangular face cut. This anchor beard cut will cover your jawline partially, however, it will give your face a fuller look and will make you look like a macho. Keep your hair shorter when going for such a beard that partially covers your jaw. To achieve this facial hair style you’ll need a trimmer along with some mustache wax. Cut along the jaws as your jawline will serve as a guideline. Make sure that the hair on the outermost of the jaws are the shortest and the whiskers near the chin are the longest. Use mustache wax to get a thin, pyramid-like mustache. Here are 50 Latest Beard Styling Ideas for Swag.

↓9- David Beckham Inspired Anchor Style

With a side fade and partial quiff at the top haircut, you can get a David Beckham’s style anchor beard which has a ‘narrow near the nose and slightly wide along the sides’ mustache and anchor shaped beard if you have a thin face. The style will give you a hard look while it is charming at the same time.

Types of handlebar mustaches

↓8- Anchor with an Extended Goatee

An extended goatee looks super cool if you have an oval or triangular face as it widens along the jawline and extends on the outer edges; giving your face a charming outlook. It is perfect for guys who prefer fuller anchor beards and want to keep a softer look. Also, military haircuts go quite well with these extended beard styles. Do check out these 50 Popular Goatee Beard Styles for Different Face Types.

↓7- Faded Anchor Cut

Men who have a rectangular face cut or even a round face can opt for this anchor look with a neat and thin goatee. It includes a mohawk cut with a faded anchor beard and thin elaborated goatee. The beard cut is classy and can be preferred by guys of any age, however, you often require a fuller beard for such a style. A neat pencil mustache can be drawn using mustache wax and scissors. Also, fade is all about bringing the focus towards your facial hair and highlighting your mustache so fade is the answer if you want to flaunt your anchor goatee.

↓6- Glamorous Anchor Beard

If you want to look like a Disney prince this year i.e. if you are a fan of glamorous facial hair looks then opt for slightly longer hair and go for the handlebar mustache. Extended along the chin and slightly fuller T shaped anchor beard will complete the profile of your face. However, to achieve such a look you are supposed to have heavier and fuller beard which can be grown in around 6 to 8 weeks, but the look is definitely worth it if you have the ideal diamond face cut. Here are 23 Best Tips on Styling Short Beards.

↓5- Short Boxed Anchor Goatee Style

A short boxed anchor goatee requires thinly trimmed sides along the jawline with a neat beard and even extension along the jaw. Men who have a diamond cut face should opt for this style and as usual, keep their hair shorter to bring the eyes their beard. This style is not that tricky and can be easily achieved if you know how to use your trimmer in a precise manner.

French mustache

↓4- Balbo Style Anchor Beard

A floating mustache with a neatly trimmed look and no sideburns is the Balbo kind of anchor beard. It covers all of your jaws and the goatee goes perfectly with the mustache having rounded corners often known as painters brush. Don’t miss out Types of Beards Styles; Their Name with Pictures; A Complete List.

↓3- Robert Downey Jr Inspired Beard Cuts

Robert Downey is popular for his diverse anchor goatee looks and has been quite experimental along with a variety of classy haircuts which complement his facial hair much. One of his famous goatee beards involves an anchor beard disconnected with thin pyramid mustache, giving a sharp W-shaped along the chin and short blowout hair. Another look is where he can be seen having a sharply trimmed anchor along the jaws and a connected goatee which is faded just like the anchor. Another charming look where a wider goatee can be seen with precisely trimmed anchor along the jaws and two sharp edges disconnected with the mustache will enhance the face cut.

↓2- Curly Mustache with Anchor Beard

For guys who love curly English mustache but definitely want to try anchor goatee beard this year, they can go for a beard stretching across their jaws which is longer at the same time with an extended inverted-T along the chin which is fuller than the rest of the beard. Always remove the hair along the jaws instep so that you won’t miss the symmetry. For the making of the anchor, go for a straight razor which cuts the insides precisely and gives it a neat look. Make sure that you regularly trim along the chin as well as sides to keep the ideal length that is 0.5-1 inch which suits your curly mustache. Here are 30 Most Sexiest Actors with Beard.

↓1- Extended Anchor with Full Goatee

For growing an extended and fuller anchor as well as a goatee, you’ll have to make sure that all the patches are fully covered. However, in case of irregular facial hair growth, you can opt for beard touch ups which work as beard coloring. Remove the excess hair from the upper portion of your jawline and let the hair grow longer along the jaws. The style looks super sexy with mid-length hair which is slicked back with gel to give your face the ultimate profile and make your face cut stand out.

Professional mustache styles

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