Handlebar mustache trend

The Hipster Brand Makeover - Fading Trend or Here to Stay?

If you work in advertising, marketing or branding in some capacity, the words “localization,” “authenticity,” and “customization” probably aren’t new to you. In many ways, they represent the rise of Brooklynization across global brands, or perhaps more bluntly put, marketing to hipsters. Hipsters, you say? You know. The sensitive creative type, drinks PBR, listens to indie rock, has a handlebar mustache, and rides a bike. But don’t discount the cultural influence of this counter-culture group. As a subset of the highly sought after Millennial audience, they were the early adopters of trends like distressed jeans, androgynous clothing and hairstyles, ironic t-shirts, and hi-top sneakers. The...

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